Test your skills and reflexes as you simultaneously guide two lovable(1) balls through over 100 controller-smashingly(2) tough platform challenges. Control both at exactly the same time as you try to avoid the death and danger that awaits their every move. And there are jokes.(3) (1)May not be lovable (2)May not even be a word (3)May not be funny Features Over 100 levels of fiendish puzzle solving and death-defying challenges. Glutton for punishment? Replay levels against the clock to get the fastest time you can. Can you get S rank on every level? (We can’t.) Funky adaptive music that ramps up when you do well and chills out if you’re stuck. It’s like the game wants you to do well. Choose your own route to completion through a non-linear map. Stuck on a super-tough stage? No worries, just hone your skills on a different level. Laugh along with up to ten jokes! Look, we’re going to keep saying it's funny. You'll come around eventually. (No controllers were harmed in the making of this game)

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Ground Shatter Ltd.

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411.45 MB

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Simple but Punishing

Very fun to play for the fellow strategic puzzle gamer....Yet very repetitious. Overall very thought out game, and unique in its own demise.

27 out of 30 people found this helpful.

World's Hardest Video Games Aren't Just For Red Squares

This is such a simple game, yet it is so immensely difficult! This game challenges you like very few others do. It requires you to multitask and keep your eyes on multiple things at once, tracking where projectiles are coming, where the balls willland, all while you're navigating the stage. It is exceedingly difficult to do. While it feels rewarding to complete a hard stage, at times it just feels exhausting - like a marathon of endless spikes, bullets, and broken controllers. It's not handicapped though as the controls are good.

6 out of 7 people found this helpful.

i hate\love it

this game is garbage and i love it.

5 out of 11 people found this helpful.

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