------------------------------------------------------------- ・The size of the game may result in long download times. ・A WiFi connection is recommended for downloading. ・This game requires approximately 2GB of memory. Please ensure that you have the necessary storage available before downloading. ------------------------------------------------------------- CHAOS RINGS takes full advantage of the Windows Phone’s capabilities. Using a classic game system that any RPG fan will enjoy, it presents an epic tale consisting of four different scenarios, all brought to you with gorgeous sound and unbelievably smooth 3D graphics. The story revolves around a tournament where combatants fight for their lives: the Ark Arena. Upon choosing a pair of characters, one male and one female, you will then have to fight against the other pairs. Each pair has their own story, and the truth behind the Ark Arena will not be revealed until each story is completed. Game Features: -High-quality voice acting that brings game characters to life -Amazingly smooth 3D graphics -Gorgeous sound that takes full advantage of the Windows Phone’s powerful hardware -A deep story with unique twists for every pair and multiple endings -Highly polished game and battle systems with a traditional feel -Hours upon hours of gameplay, complete with hidden bosses, secret weapons, and more

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mobile device

mobile device

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OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

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English (United States)
日本語 (日本)

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Platform: Mobile

Not updated at all

This version is stuck in 2011. The screen doesn't scale to size, and the models are all black. I wish Square would note the value of UWP and release everything for Windows (and update)




Platform: Mobile

Update: YEARS with the same issue

I hate to give one star reviews, but it's the only thing left. Emails get ignored, bug reports get ignored, and this game has been abandoned with an issue that plagues all users who aren't using the 920, 925, 928, 1020 or 820 from 3+ years ago. I'm not even worried about the extreme letterboxing anymore I just wanna be able to play the game I bought at full price. Seriously how much manpower would it take to fix the model texture mapping so this will at least be playable? It would likely take a couple hours out of one programmer's day to solve thousands of complaints. Then this game could put even more money in your pockets - look at all the reviews where people are glad they only got the demo because the model texture mapping issue drove them away, THAT'S MONEY YOU'RE LOSING. Wouldn't it just be easier to show us a little love? This game's sales could very well have brought in enough to fund porting of Chaos Rings II, III and some more Final Fantasy titles to Windows Phone.

15 out of 15 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Awesome game!

This game is good. Smooth gameplay. Doesn't make your phone heat up when playing for a long time not like others game that make my phone heat up in matter of minutes! Update: They need to fix the bug, shadow characters. Unplayable.




Platform: Mobile

The 3D Model of Character is All Black

This game seems not suitable for high resolution screen. It doesn't display the character sprite correctly under 1280x720 px resolution.

3 out of 3 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

No detail on characters

The characters are missing their details, they just appear as black voids. Please fix. Otherwise game is great. It worked perfectly on my 925.

6 out of 8 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Abandoned title on windows phone!

They have not updated the game nor addressed the character models that are blacked out for a few years now. This looks to have been abandoned by the developer on windows phone. With no support they need to just pull it from the market. Didn't work on my lumia 1520 with windows phone 8.1 now it still doesn't on my lumia 950 with windows phone 10. Such a shame.

5 out of 5 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Too many things wrong with the game...

While it has a good premise, this game suffers from technical challenges that ruin the opportunity to immerse yourself and enjoy the game: 1) all of the characters are solid black polygons. Occasionally a few polys look normal, but otherwise you can't tell who is who, they're solid black shapes, no more. 2) the game engine does not take advantage of higher end phone displays. Basically the display is stuck on the left side with (on my Lumia 950 xl) about 1.5" of black on the right. 3) pixelated! Everything is rendered in the gaming engine on such a low resolution that everything is visibly blocky and lacks any significant detail. 4) voice effects are Japanese with English subtitles. Don't expect to hear anything you understand. There is no option to disable speech, but you can turn the speech volume almost all the way off. If this gets updated for the graphics glitches I would give the game another try. Don't buy unless you try it first for proper operation.

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Platform: Mobile

Fix the blacked out characters

3 out of 3 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Potentially a great game. However, this game needs an update badly. I don't know if it's the fact it hasn't been updated for the current OS or if it's the hardware. Either way, please release an update for this game. It is too expensive to just leave customers hanging. Besides, how can you expect people to want to play the game, if you aren't supporting it?

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Platform: Mobile

Completely awesome. The art is great and controls are easy to use



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