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The final word in fighting entertainment - DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round! Two new playable characters join to make the largest roster in series history! Two fan favorite stages make their triumphant return with updated graphics and gameplay! With new effects and skin shading technology, the hottest fighters in gaming look better than ever!

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my thoughts

this is a great party or game to play when you are bored game,But my biggest problem with this game is costumes in dlc that are so many costumes to buy that if you wanted all of them,it would round up to about 400-500$ of costumes to buy,but if you do not want those costumes the choice is yours truly. Other than that the game is fun,sexy,and the gameplay and graphics are amazin,oh and one last thing buy the 40$ version of this game,otherwise you have to buy story mode,and some characters separately.

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gameplay is solid but better options in a crowded genre

I paid 27 buck for full game and all characters. If you thought killer instinct release was way to suck every dime they could then you would hate this studio because stories of fans paying 600 $ for all content. With Tekken 7 and injustice 2 deep customizations options for all characters that can be unlock by playing those games fot 100's of hours add replayability to games that graphcs r superior. Last round looks better than 360 version and runs better. Combat is great but Tekken 7 is still better and I realize Tekken 7 is a 2017 rather than updated 2010 game so 2 compae might be unfair. The gameplay is tight and its one of the few 3d fighters on platform. Order of fav fighters on the xbox1: 1.injustice 2 2.Tekken 7 3.Killer Instinct 4. MKX(fav roster of all time). 5.Blazeblue whatever its extended title is 6.KOF2002(BC) 7.TEKKEN TAG 2BC) 8.DOA last round and based on gameplay alone it be 6th if was only factor. 9.Tekken 6(bc) 10. steetfighter 4(bc) just because its old version.

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Best one to end on

I can't believe this game still get updates, this is one of my favorite games for Xbox One. This is the party game!

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20 Years and Still Going Strong!

This is by far the best entry in the Dead or Alive series to date. Each character has his/her own learning curve from beginner to expert and are balanced enough to make the game fun to play at any level, casual or veteran. If you're a fan of the Dead or Alive franchise and/or are a fan of fighting games in general then this is a worthwhile game to pick up. Highly Recommended!

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So much fun!

What's not to like. This is my first DOA game and already i've witnessed has everything i want in a fighting game. The level of depth put into each character's fighting styles makes them all refreshing and fun to master. Amazing characters, great combos, sexy costumes, local/online multiplayer, diverse stages, and a theater to replay all the sweet moments for hours on end. Thank you Team Ninja for such a good time!

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best game of all time

this is the best game ever i played this when i was young and for its time period it was and still is the best game ever i love it i just wish yall can make more or just put the rest on xbox one please it would be nice to play the rest just here me out I'm begging please put the rest on xbox one i would appreciate it if you do 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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One of the best fighting games

This is one of the best out there. Compared to others, Dead or Alive has always done things better in many areas. It has some of the most iconic characters ever created that come from other games and being able to play as them is truly awesome. The environments are well done and quite a few have several areas that are a blast to see when knocking your opponent down to one. The graphics are decent as always and the story is interesting. All in all, it's a great fighter that I know many would enjoy.

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It's actually not bad.

OK, so what are some of your favorite fighting games? Street Fighter, an absolute classic. Tekken. MVC. Y'know the list goes on. So then You see this game and You think "Oh, what is this?! girls with large proportions fighting?! weeb trash" However DOA 5 LR is pretty damn addicting when you got a group o' friends over going "Boy i tell ya hwat that Bobby needs to get off that xbox before I smash him with a propane tank. That boy ain't right." I kid you of course with that last bit but moving on. STORY: Eh there's really no reason to play it, it's just a jumbled up mess that can't decide who it wants to focus on. MUSIC: Not great, I can't find myself remembering any piece of music besides Christie's theme because it reminds me of "The Pod" By HUM. GAMEPLAY: Now besides the giant er. "Personalitys" swinging in your face, this i where DOA shines, every character controls differently and has unique fighting styles. All in all "Tamer Senran Kagura" gets a 4 out of 5.

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