Enjoy three times the zombies with the Dead Rising Triple Bundle Pack, containing Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. What a time to be undead!

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Multiplayer Online- 2 to 4 players
  • Co-op Online

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Capcom U.S.A., Inc

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    Blood and Gore

    Intense Violence


    Partial Nudity

    Sexual Themes

    Use of Alcohol

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The amazing dead rising games have been masterfully re-released for next gen consoles for the 10th anniversary of the very first game and it couldn't be better. The graphics are still the same as when they released on the 360 but the game itself runs WAY smoother. When playing the multiplayer in dead rising 2 and off the record the game can now handle the mass amount of zombie killing without slowing down the game. Revisiting the original titles could not be any more fun with now being able to take screen shots and videos of the mayhem that is dead rising and share them with your friends. All dlc is included free of charge for each game.




Platform: Xbox

Zombie killing at it's best.

I played the originals non-stop on the 360 and I felt each game pushed the system to its limits. Also the level of difficulty was just what I needed in part 1 (also the cleavage and Gore didn't hurt the game for me much). When part 3 came out on the Xbox one even though they pushed the bar on graphics and how many different zombie models can be on one screen at one time without the game slowing down was great but it was as if they set the game on super easy and it barely got harder. Part one was a tribute to Romero's 2004s Dawn of The Dead, I won't spoil it. Part 2 and Off the Record are almost the exact same game as each other but with different characters used in place of the main character. But if you are a fan of those cheap zombie movies and you wan't a couple of difficult games to play with an annoying time limit, this is made for you!

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Platform: Xbox

Must buy

This bundle contains three of the greatest zombe games of all time. The story is great, full of zombie killing fun, amazing skill moves and epic psycopath/boss battles. If you are thinking of buying a zombie themed game this one is the best choice.

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Platform: Xbox

Dead Rising 1, 2, & Off the Record remastered? YES PLZ

Any fan of the series needs no reason why this bundle is worth 50 bucks. If you're new to the series, this is the best way to begin. Play these games, see what the hype is about for yourself, get DR3 (which can be found for a really decent price by now), and by the time you've done all that... well you'll be ready for Dead Rising 4! I was skeptical about DR after playing #1: time limits and gathering up survivors? Didn't feel like my type of game... though I did get many lols from spitting at and just messing with the people I was supposed to be saving. Enter DR2: I finally sat down, clear-headed and not totally inebriated, with intent of giving it a real shot. After 1 short hour, it hooked me. Don't let the time limit turn you off to these joys, you get used to it easily... and it just gives more reason to replay! To sum up: 50 bucks is a steal for 3 stupid fun games; even if you only like 1 or 2 of them, then it's a worthwhile purchase, and it'd be hard to hate all 3. Guaranteed!

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Platform: Xbox

Missing 2 games

This pack is missing DR2 Case West and DR2 Case Zero. Both were decent games and if you want to own all of them you cannot without those 2. My advice? Add an option to play these in DR2 because without those the collection is not complete and the price is unjustified as the net value of these games are $30 total. The extra is just for HD and nothing more?

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Dead rising 1 has always been my favorite game. I was never too fond of Dead Rising 3 because it was way too action packed. These games however can still give you that whole survival horror which I loved about these games. Especially when the lights went out in the mall of the first game, that was like the scariest thing ever. I highly suggest you get these games because they are the best




Platform: Xbox

Child Hood Memories

I love the game. The difficulty game play it gives is challenging

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Platform: Xbox

Where is Case West and Case Zero?

What about Case West and Case Zero.....Where are they at? Why aren't they here with the Dead Rising collection too?

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R3S1D3NT 3V1L87

Platform: Xbox


I'ts very nice to revisit these once again, love killing zombies with lots of things not to mention all the combo weapons in DR2 and DR2: Off the Record. All around a good game that has a good story and likeable characters.




Platform: Xbox

the greatest franchise is back and deader thand ever!

great games dead rising 1 much harder than its sequels (the AI in this is not really smart but thats what kicks are for!) allows you to explore a mall using virtually anything to kill the dead with . dead rising 2 focuses on more weapons combo weapons and coop! making this a much needed coop or multiplayer experience. dead rising off the record is a reimaging of dead rising 2 new main character, new bosses weapons and new area to explore not to mention sandbox mode for all the people that cant handle that timer. if you pick up any game september it should be this bundle!

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