There are a few important things I need to say before you crack into my insanely sweet game. (Oof. Here we go again.) I'm a mercenary with an accelerated healing factor. I've been described as unstable, which is just plain coo-coo. (Wait, do sane people say coo-coo?) I'm gonna battle for the safety of humans and mutants. (And even mumans.) Be prepared for just about anything. (Holla!) Key Features: - I made sure to capture all my good sides, so I made my game a third-person action-shooter. (Yep, you get to look at my heinie.) - Keep a look out cuz some of my X-Men pals (Whoa, what pals?!) are making an appearance. (Hope you don't mind picking hair out of your tacos.) - I'm really good at killing, so I made it a blast stringing together combos, and totally eviscerating my enemies. (Ev-is-cer-a-ting!) - I brought my skills and a buttload of my favorite things. Katanas (check), guns (bang!) explosives (boom), duct tape (quack) and of course, yours truly - ME! (Checkmate!) - You get more of ME! I've included all my DLC from earlier versions in this version, just for YOU, my biggest fan!

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Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Funny as hell, but nothing more

This game gives you what you expect. A linear single player game staring the beloved MERC WITH A MOUTH. The game has one of the funniest script and great voice acting. However, the appeal wears off the longer you play. You'll be doing the exact same thing over and over again. Kill the same enemies with a button mashing fighting system. The game has some of the worst boss battles in any game.

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Platform: Xbox

Only for DP fans

This game is a fun ride for a Dead Pool / Marvel fan. The things I like is, it's stays true to Dead Pools personality and style. The crazy things he's says and does. leveling up system being able to unlock upgrades. Things I didn't like. the dialogue starts to get repetitive towards the end of the game. you'll find him repeating things he says. typical button smashing platformer, and the frame rates is pretty bad. But over all had a blast playing as Dead Pool......I kinda want to watch the movie now.

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Platform: Xbox

Nothing but ppl telling lies!!!

Anyone who says this game is fun is lying!!! the worst frame rate of any game I've ever played! really truly u wont make it through this game. im a deadpool freak but this frame rate is so bad it just freezes constantly. hit me up i will show u game play its bad. go buy the 360 version if this is a must play for u. dont b stupid enough to listen to anyone review who says this is a great game cuz there lying. u buy i promise u will regret it.

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Platform: Xbox

10 min into it...

so far it locks up like every 20 seconds for 2 seconds and its making me mad. wish i hadent spent thw 20 bucks on it. I'll give it more time before i give it 1 star and never play it again.

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Platform: Xbox

great but......

its an awsome game i love deadpool but drop tons of frame rates if you buy this just be prepared for it

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Platform: Xbox


Didnt expect this at all the game is amazing with an old school feel and Hillarious😆😆!!! dont pass this one up this is a rare hidden gem❤

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Platform: Xbox

Terrible with bits of fun.

Deadpool is supposed to be an unkillable killing machine with a hilarious personality. Some funny spots shine through in this game but not much else. For an anti hero with a healing factor you die almost instantly when faced with more than one enemy. Your melee weapons are way more powerful but its kind of hard not to run to cover every five seconds. The bland uninteresting upgrades are not helpful either. Another combat note, every encounter is just beat this wave move on to the next. The game has some truly funny moments but they are few and far between. Otherwise Deadpool just cracks the same jokes over and over, usually insulting the player. This version is also very glitchy and numerous framrate issues abound. Xmen Origins Wolverine did it better.

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Platform: Xbox

excellent game

enjoyed the concept,definitely a must buy for Deadpool fans

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Platform: Xbox

loved the original hate this port

i loved the orginal game i waited till this one went on sale but i wish i saw this game was ported by iron glaxy cuz sadly they suck at porting games great studio put they suck at porting why did i give this game 1 star well if you played the orignal your going to see what is wrong by just starting the game the fame rate drops so so bad its umplayable i had to quit the game every time the frames drop like i said love the orginal hate this port

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Ivy HyDreiiGoN

Platform: Xbox

Simple but Worth it

i loved it. The graphics aren't the best but neither the worst. The game is simple but fun and hilarious. You dont have to stress over since its based on having fun rather than worrying to pass it,,.enemies.arent challenging to beat

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