Dictionary English - German SCHOOL by PONS The reliable companion for school by PONS with 290,000 keywords, phrases and translations! Do you read and write German or English texts at school, or need to learn vocabulary for the next test? Do you often look up German or English words in the process? The PONS Dictionary English - German SCHOOL contains the vocabulary you really need in school which makes it the perfect reference tool for you. About the contents: • German => English and English => German: more than 130,000 keywords and phrases and 160,000 translations • Contains the current vocabulary of all school textbooks, plus vocabulary needed for Shakespeare and Sixth Form • Avoid mistakes and learn systematically with highlighted basic vocabulary, tips on pronunciation, translation and culture • With usage examples and lots of important information on grammar • With IPA phonetics What can the app do? • Everything at a glance: From the App home page you can access the search field, and search hits, your favourites and history – without having to switch between different views. • Jump from one language direction to the other with just one click/tap (for uninflected words). Access linked entries, equally with just one click/tap. • With the full-text search you can look through the entire dictionary text, including example sentences. • Pronunciation: Listen to numerous keywords spoken by native speakers. • Frequently used words can be marked as favourites. • Thanks to the History function you can access words you have already looked up with just one click or tap. • The ‘Search’ function in the Charm bar enables you to start a search in the app from any programme and at any time. The language detection feature always automatically selects the right language combination. • The app allows you to share information and contents: o The currently opened dictionary entry can be sent to other apps as text or – vice versa – text from other apps can be received by the dictionary app. o The received text is displayed in a special window in which you can click or tap individual words to have the dictionary entry displayed right away (only for uninflected words). • The dynamic layout means that the app can be used on all kinds of different screen sizes. • The docking feature enables two apps to be positioned side by side (Snap view or Fill view) and run at the same time.

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• Improved and enhanced application's UI • Voice pronunciation indicator in search results • Automatic language detection in search menu • Minor bug fixes

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OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x64, x86, ARM

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Platform: PC

Just Ok!

It's ok. Words and definitions so far are ok. What annoys me, is that to change the tranlsating direction (DE -> EN, EN->DE) you have to right-click and then select the change direction button on the bottom... It should always be visible! Also there's no stepping back through exactly what you clicked on, you have go go through the History - which you have to also right-click to get to. Annoying! Glad I didn't pay for it, and definitely not $11.99!




Platform: PC

Useful; more precision than Google Translate

It doesn't have the depth of some dictionaries, and it'll only go word by word, and there's only English --> German as far as I can tell (no German --> English). But it's a good free dictionary for what it does.




Platform: PC





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