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Purchase both DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE and DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 with this two-in-one combo pack.

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Xbox One


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The anime is great to watch and the dragon ball games are super fun to play.... Good Job!!!

106 out of 125 people found this helpful.

Great Game!

I really enjoyed this game and how much work was put into it, some say its just a Copy and paste of XV1 but i definitely enjoyed the Extra effort put into The History of Trunks part of the story. overall i am satisfied with the game. My only complaint is having to start the Story progression all over with new characters, I would love an option for my characters to either start the story over or Pick up Where my original save ended With all the same Items, PQ's, Clothes, and Skills. just like in XV1 you started as a Lvl 1 but had what every character has.

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Probably being bias.

Im a big Dragon ball fan. Grew up with the stuff. But I'm also into video games and know when I dont like one. I say if you like the first Xenoverse, you'll like this one. I've enjoyed it so far. Same story, yea... but all dbz games are pretty much going through the story. Correcting timelines is still pretty fresh to me. I do like how to go super saiyan now. Reminds me of budakai 3, which was one of my favorites. I think if you like DBZ games and aren't picky and critical, at least try it out! Im having fun with it so I say play it!

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse vs. Xenoverse 2

With the release of game number one, it felt amazing when given the chance to insert yourself and become apart of DBX's larger community. Being granted the privilege to create a personal avatar, much like something from Ultimate Tenkaichi, with five different races in their own unique classes helped expand versatility. However, among new changes in a handful of the build features, accessories, skills, and transformations; DBX 2 shows both promise and lacked potential. First, it borrows original content, each in story and parallel quests, making it seem like recycled fractions of newly added material. Second, with the expansion from "TokiToki" into "Conton City", there's definitely more activities provided through flightseeing, but it feels like players are gathered nearby more often than in spread out patches. Lastly, the online system requires work, especially for the unwanted need of CaC's having story tutorials replayed everytime and if a battle shifts off-axis during combat midway.

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Amazing game but,

As you have noticed a lot of fans are upset that they can't reach limit breaking forms. Honestly I am a little upset to; I know the upcoming dlc will allow custom characters to look like the famous super sayain 4, but they and I want to be able to transform into super sayain 4 or super sayain god super sayain. Your company makes a lot of money you should be able to put the transformations into the game unless you are just too lazy. You will make a lot of money by making it a dlc if you need a good reason too. Obviously you don't care about customer comments or else you would have already done it. So please take my comment into consideration all of us would appreciate it.

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@Bandai Namco Entertainment, This game looks amazing and as most of your fans I would like to try this out as soon as possible. I heard that Xbox might not get the demo. Im really hoping thats not true because I would love to give my feedback as well. With that being said im extremely excited for this game and I can't wait to participate in the next World Tournament!

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A Dream come true

Having played almost every Budokai in existence over the past 16 years, I can happily say that Xenoverse as a whole was a pleasant surprise. The number one thing I enjoyed about Xenoverse is that it's more dedicated to authenticity than any previous Dragon ball game to date. If you can deal with the relatively small roster and a story trimmed of any fat, you'll be treated to stages that are 1:1 scale of actual fights and characters with a different costume and moveset for EVERY fight they are in. The new villains Toriyama himself wrote for the game, Towa and Mira, are excellent characters that fit right into Dragon Ball canon. Xenoverse plays like a Budokai game but has the mechanics of a grindy RPG, which may not be for everyone. But if you're someone who knows Dragon ball inside and out, no gameplay issue will keep Xenoverse from being an absolute delight. Although non-fans of the series will definitely have a hard time swallowing it.

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the game is pretty fun. its way different than the first if you played it. races have their own transformations which were fun to get too. the story was basically copied and pasted from the first one which kinda sucked but then they started added DBZ super characters which is when it got interesting.my only real complaint was not being able to go SSGSS but with febuarys update well be getting it. the game is worth your money and i would suggest getting all the dlcs too. if your a big DBZ. fan like myself itll keep you entertained. with 228 hours in the game as of now i look foward to getting to 300 when its out. if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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Love it, just one thing...

I love the DB franchise, if you do id highly recommend you get this game. The fighting is good, I've had no issues with it, it feels just the way DB battles should. The story is good, and manages to have decent cutscenes. My biggest peeve about this game is the loading and running. The Time Plaza is just running from loading zone to loading zone to be able to play something.

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Best Dragon Ball Game on future consoles!!!!

Everything is now on this game. including the legendary Dragon Fist and SSJ3 for custom players, and i really do appreciate this game adding all race specialties, especially Humans, and adding every movie character in DBZ.

43 out of 46 people found this helpful.

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