Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Snowcastle Games
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$29.99 +



Desert scavenger Amon soon finds himself in his life's adventure when he crosses paths with a most peculiar creature back home in Zaber. Join Amon and other remarkable heroes in this turn-based fantasy RPG, on an unforgettable journey across the world of Umbra; a mysterious, beautiful but harsh planet that stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago. With a unique set of customizable characters, all with their own personalities and journeys of self-discovery, you will scavenge, explore and fight your way from the everlasting day-side and into the darkness of perpetual night. To save Umbra you must unlock its secrets, expose the shadows, and defeat a growing evil beyond your wildest imagination!

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Xbox One

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A Challenging Take On Classic JRPG Style

It won't hit you at first, but after a while the classic charm will hit you. The wonderful score and goofy characters will work their magic. The battle system is heavily magic-based with a focus on stacking debilitations and buffs. That said, the game can be pretty tough in some spots. About a third of the way through enemies will relentlessly use the same tactics on you. That would be my gripe. Certain enemy compositions and attacks can completely shut down your party and their queue speed can be overwhelming. Limits to crowd control, spam and all-party abilities also hinder your band. It is some of the challenge and prevents making the third act a pushover by maxing out. The level system is easy and heavily customizable. All in all I appreciated the difficulty once I recognized it. There are some fun fights assisted by the art and afore mentioned music. Rough around the edges, but if you know your way around the genre it is a true gift in spite of the bow.

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Game is beutiful,the art of the world as well a very enjoyable soundtrack. Battle. system is interesting with different stances but is just ok. enemies are annoying yet cool. Bosses are a pain and frequent. dialogue is ok but feels like the characters go flat. Overall reccomended

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A flawed adventure

By no means is Earthlock a bad RPG. Characters can be charming at times and the dialogue may earn a chuckle or two. The world of Umbra is an interesting place, full of colorful NPCs and fearsome monsters. Besides all that, there are some glaring issues that seriously tarnish the game's enjoyability. The difficulty can be extremely punishing at times, almost to the point of unfairness. Certain enemies can easily wipe out your party, leading to a premature game over. While the writing does indeed have its moments, you may find yourself facepalming over paper-thin personalities or overly annoying characters. Lastly, there's the beastiary. While seen in other games as a useful font of information about various enemies, Earthlock manages to screw this up. The beastiary in this game is nothing more than collectable cards that provide the bare minimum info. If you're looking for a light-hearted RPG with few redeeming qualities, look no further. If you want a better RPG, look elsewhere.

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Xbox needs more games llike this!

For $30 (or for free if you dowloaded it when it was games with gold)this game is worth it. A little slow in the beginning but the gameplay is great after that. I love that I have the freedom to go where I want and fight who I want. Even if I get crushed in the fights, it's nice knowing that I need to grind and work on my characters to EARN the items and exp they hold. I'm so tired of modern games holding my hand and guiding me through them with no challenges at all. The story isn't amazing, but the gameplay is so refreshing that it is definitely worth a play. It's alot like the "Tales of" games and being that xbox has only had one "tales of" game, this is awsome. I completed the game (pretty much everything it had to offer) in a little under 30 hours.

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When games were still fun..

This game brought me back to a time when I started playing RPG games. It reminds me why I fell in love with them. It is the perfect game to play and ' Just have fun ' I am a bit tired of all the repetitious shooter games and consider Earthlock a breath of fresh air. The adorable characters, the puzzles and a easy to follow story that brings it all together. Oh was free to play. Whats not to like !

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Great gameplay, lacking customization.

I really like this game so far. Well thought out and exicuted gameplay, interesting story, what could be missing? To put it simply, weapons and armor. This game would be the best game to come out this year, if they just had gear. Main hero creation would have been nice too. End of the day though, solid game. EDIT: I see so my people talking s*** on this game as if it were produced by EA or Activision, THIS IS A INDY GAME, of course it will be a bit rough, but it needs support, because I wanna see a dope sequal.

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has a fun, familiar feel...but still needs work

To start with this is a great throwback to the classic RPG with eye catching graphics, catchy music, and witty dialogue reminiscent of classics from the playstation 1&2 and windows bassed platforms, however it could still use some polishing. Putting a little more info on NPC combatants would help along with a more even damage scale, perhaps one more closely based on the players character, would increase the playability value and allow for players to form more effective strategies against opponents. Even with its flaws it still makes a great salute to the classic RPG many of use grew up with.

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Fun RPG that met my expectations

I ended up being one of the lucky ones getting the game durring the free release period. I found it a very enjoyable rpg. Good storyling. good gameplay (aside from the game slowing down towards the end when there was an excess of enemies in one area near the end). I`m definately interested if they`d come out with a game extention (though they don`t need one, it just be nice) that way I can contribute to them making more games like this. This game had everything I`d want from an rpg.

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Blue Dragon Lite

I am a huge fan of blue dragon for 360, and I was happy this felt very similar. The game has its pros and cons like any game, but this does have some strong cons to contend with. There is a farm aspect in the game that disrupts game flow. You will spend a large amount of time waiting to harvest crafting that makes a 1-2 ammo. Feels like a lot of filler time was added to stretch gameplay to feel like it is a solid AAA, but it is not time well spent. Also as many have said balance is not its stong suit. You will have easy foe that fall fast. Then you will have a low level boss forceing you to spend half an hour using only healing and potions with no attacks just to not get slaughtered. Even small basic mobs can wipe out the party from OP buffs. The story will often have you skipping dialog to not fall asleep. The gameplay though is engaging and simple enough, that you can find yourself getting lost in it. If you are a fan of Blue Dragon and are waiting for it to be BC, play this.

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Not bad, but nothing extraordinary

This game is deceptively easy at times. You coast through some parts easily only to hit a random mob that is extremely difficult if not impossible. I like the challenge but I wish there was a little more a balance. So far it feels like a lite version of Final Fantasy. It definately is entertaining and worth playing if you're looking for a turn based Final Fantasy type game. I personally find this to be one of the better indie games released under games with gold.

7 out of 7 people found this helpful.

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