You’re on the move all the time, driving, biking, and hiking. For personal reasons, business, and fun. Want to track your mileage automatically? By Trip Leg and reimbursement rate? Track Trip expenses too? Let your phone do the tracking, then sync your Trip records to your PC. If you track and report your mileage for T & E reports or taxes, data entry is fast with Easy Auto Log. Swipe and select from your personalized menus during the trip or after the fact. How easy is it to use? Start Easy Auto Log at any time, let it run in the foreground or background. Ready to go? Tap to start a Trip and select Trip details. (Want an even easier solution? Read on about Mojio’s automatic engine start-and-stop features.) Tap to End the Trip Leg when it’s time to make a pit stop. The Parking Meter pops up, automatically letting you know where your car is and how long it has been there. Need to record an expense? Tap to capture Fuel, Repair, Ride or Toll cost details as part of your Trip record. When you head off again, tap Start Leg and your Trip record continues. Every Trip Leg is recorded with its own details, such as a different mileage rate. Add key accounting details now if you want to. End your Trip when you’re ready. Send the record to your email. You are on top of your recordkeeping! Easy. Free. Practical. FREE FEATURES - Automatic tracking and distance calculation, average and highest speed using GPS - Bing Map and manual distance entry option - Use your phone normally while the app runs in the background - Organize Trips by date (automatic default) or name them - Automatically picks closest known destination Waypoint when ending Trip Leg - Automatically creates new destination Waypoint when ending Trip Leg - Parking Meter: set timer reminder, find ‘lost’ parked car - Add your car photo, details - Track many vehicles, not just one - Personalize map tracking icons, colors, measurement units - Create custom menus for fast selection of Driver, Waypoint, Mileage Rate - View Trip History right on your phone - Track expenses by Vehicle - View Fuel Efficiency graphs and statistics by Vehicle - Use multiple currencies at any time: set app default currency, set different default by Trip or vehicle, change on an individual receipt record - Automatic Email: send your Trip record to any email account, includes CSV data format - Sync one or all records at a time - Advanced phone settings: GPS location tracking, Speech Recognition Maybe you do something more with your Trip records: fill out a report, hand in a report, or deal with accounting. Add more power to Easy Auto Log. Wrap up these tasks quickly and easily with a low, one-time cost Upgrade. LOW COST UPGRADES — and no monthly fees! NEW! MOJIO UPGRADE (USA and Canada only) We’re really excited about this one! If you’re unfamiliar with this device, check out to find out more about connected car driving. Already have Mojio enabled on a car? This Easy Auto Log Upgrade lets you simply start your engine — and your Trip begins tracking immediately, all by itself. Simply turn off your engine to End the Trip Leg. Drive around all day, start and stop. End the Trip when you’re ready. The Trip record is complete. Mojio Remembers When You Forget If you started driving and forgot to turn on the app, no problem. Turn on Easy Auto Log mid-trip and it uses Mojio to catch up the Trip route, from where and when you turned on the engine. Record complete! Mojio Adds Security and Safety With the Mojio Upgrade, you can check on your Mojio vehicle even if you aren’t driving it. That’s right. If somebody else starts up YOUR car, Easy Auto Log lets you know. If you choose to track their Trip, you can see where they are and watch how they drive, real-time, remotely — on YOUR phone! Perfect for keeping an eye on new drivers. SYNC PRODUCT UPGRADES Easy Auto Log works the way you do. ARCHIVE TO ONEDRIVE Send your data as CSV files to your OneDrive account for storage. Retrieve them at your convenience. SYNC TO ONEDRIVE – for Easy Expense Tracker An easy way to move your records off your phone for use on your PC – using Easy Expense Tracker, NextWave’s backend record management system. Sync your .EAL records to your OneDrive account for storage and retrieval by this companion app. WIFI TO PC – for Easy Expense Tracker Another easy way to move your records off your phone for use on your PC – using Easy Expense Tracker, NextWave’s backend record management system. Stay local! Use your own secure network to transfer your data. No Internet required. Walk in the door, and if the apps are running, Easy Receipt Log downloads records automatically the minute your devices get within ‘talking’ distance! Find out more about Easy Expense Tracker at the Microsoft Store or our website,

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Mobile device

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Version Mojio/Microsoft Award Winning App. Features • Added Mojio Connected Car functionality that allows automatic car tracking, even if you are not in your car. Available as an upgrade to only those who have purchased a Mojio device. • Added a Mojio Vehicle button to main screen. This will take you to the Mojio Vehicle screen that will let you see a real time dashboard (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and diagnostics. This will also let you see all your connected vehicle’s locations on a moving map. • Improved the In-App Purchase store to be easier use. • Added Sync Now button to main screen. Indicates when you have too much unsynchronized data on your phone that should be stored on your PC/Tablet for safe keeping. • Improved memory usage. New internal structure of saving trip data saves lots of phone memory. Completely backwards compatible with previous versions. • Automatic path scaling on maps. This lets you track things like an airline trip (1000’s of miles) without using up all your memory. • Added a Ride Sharing button to the main application. This allows you to capture a receipt for using any form of transportation: Taxis, buses, trains, and even Uber. • Moved all expense capture buttons to the right side for consistency • Vehicle icons on map are now the vehicle color and Icon type. All user definable. • Vehicle track paths are now the color of the vehicle. •


  • Automatic GPS tracking on moving map
  • Manual odometer mileage log tracking
  • Supports multiple ways to track. Cars, bikes, walking, doesn't matter
  • Captures expenses: Fuel, Repairs, Tolls, Taxis, Parking
  • Automatic parking feature tells you how long you have been parked and where.
  • Automatic way points. Whenever you stop, your location can be saved. Nearest known point is used whenever you stop.
  • Graphs for monitoring fuel efficiency and fuel use over time
  • Automatic mileage rate calculations on any trip
  • Upgrade and save all trips and expenses on your OneDrive
  • Upgrade and sync all your data to your PC using OneDrive and Easy Expense Tracker
  • Upgrade and sync all your data to your PC using WiFi and Easy Expense Tracker
  • Upgrade and using your Connected Car that has a Mojio device. Track any car, anywhere, even if you are not in it.

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OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM

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Nextwave Online Training
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Me gusta esta aplicasion sebe buena

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Great features

I like most features but wish there was a property for holding the current odometer reading for the vehicle. Then we could use that for figuring out gas mpg for starting mileage. Then the ending mileage for mpg could update the current mileage of the vehicle.

At least someone is trying

You are probably going to have to get an Android or iPhone if you want to get the full functionality of T-Mobile's sync up drive device. At least this app will tell you where your car is.

Stopped 3 times and had to restart other than that it was fine

Not so sure yet

App crashes and seems to have issues when I return to it.

App has a lot of potential but I wouldn't call it "user friendly". Don't like having to put in a destination at the BEGINNING of a trip. My destination often changes during a trip. Data disappears frequently. May be user error. (see first comment)

Very hard to set up. Hard to follow. I got a new phone and lost all my data and I cannot connect to mojio now. No help pr instructions. I would return the mojio device, however it was a gift. Since this is the only windows app for the mojio, it not worth having a mojio

Manual tracking isn't complete enough for business mileage. Only allows total miles driven on each leg. Thus you have to record the start & stop mileage on paper then subtract to have the miles driven to enter into the app. Might as well just keep a paper log. I don't use GPS tracking. This app has promise, especially since the main windows app accepts data from it.

Excellent needs instructions.

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