The Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is a bundle that includes Elite Dangerous: Arena, Elite: Dangerous, Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the Elite Dangerous Core and the Commander Pack. The Elite Dangerous: Commander Pack contains a selection of 18 paint jobs for you to begin customizing the appearance of your ship in Elite Dangerous. Items included in the pack are as follows: i. Sidewinder Vibrant Paint Pack ii. Viper Impression Paint Pack iii. Cobra MkIII Military Paint Pack

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer- 1 to 16 players
  • Online co-op

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Published by
Frontier Developments Plc.

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  • Age rating
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board


    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

    Drug Reference


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$29.99 - $44.99

Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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Platform: Xbox

Space never felt so real!

Listen to the people who are telling you about the gr8 reviews! I'm adding another because this is one heck of a gem! I'm a Syfy nut & love watching movies about space exploration plus a lot of NASA films. This game actually makes you feel like you're in space & the planets plus everything else have gr8 graphics & detail. It's mind blowing & has months of unique game play. This is a must own if you've ever wanted to explore space & actually see different planets. Their is a lot more to the game than just doing that too. Buy it & you'll love it!

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Platform: Xbox


Love the graphics and going to frame shift drive makes the pictures on my wall rattle, Awesomeness!!!

3 out of 3 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Love this game!

I just started a couple months ago, and already have 2 weeks play time. And there is still so much I want to do, and try. If youre looking for a space sime this is your game! Its sandbox so youre free to do whatever you want, from trading, to bounty hunting, scavenging, exploring this 1:1 scale milky way, piracy, or all of the above plus more. There is so much to do, and so much to see in this beautiful game. I have never loved a game as much as I love this one. The development team does an amazing job, and has an awesome 10 year plan. This is an amazing game now, but im really excited to see the future of it, with walking around our ships, atmosphere planets, stations, and who knows what other secrets they have for us! Im soooo glad I didnt let the negative reviews keep me from this gem!

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Platform: Xbox

Amazing Galaxy

The grind is real, but you wont find a more beautiful game on xbox. The 1 to 1 representation of our galaxy is the awe inspiring feature that always brings me back.




Platform: Xbox

Amazing Space Simulation

I wish there was more of a story or a campaign instead of just randdm missions, it's an extremely complex and fun game nonetheless. I've enjoyed dozens upon dozens of hours with my friends. :)




Platform: Xbox

Best space sim game by far

this game is awesome and addicting and Just exploring deep space couldn't be so beautiful.

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A waste of precious free time

I didn't realize that when I bought this game it was such a mind-numbing hurry-up-and-wait piece of drudgery. Imagine a game in which 50 of 60 minutes are waiting to move from point A to B while staring a good looking screen saver depicting travel between star systems which are essentially level changes. Not recommended for people with moderate or less free time for entertainment.



Sabot Leader

Platform: Xbox

its bae

i love this games depth. But i hate its small amount of ships to chose from.

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luz myriam

Best space sim by far!!

Hundreds of Hours invested, hundreds of hour enjoyed! Sharp learning curve when you first start but keep at it and ask support from the online community and you are set!

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Platform: Xbox

Feels like im really in space

I think the reason most people dislike the game/shy away from it because it seems so complicted and overwhelming, i tried jumping right in and playing and it was awful, so i decided to try the training missions and now i own a great ship, win battles with pirates and have had some awesome adventures. The game is so simple once you put an hour into it, and so worth it. Landing on planets and driving the srv is a ton of fun, flying your ship around the galaxy looking at tons of planets is one of the coolest things ive ever done in a video game. ill be putting a lot of time into this game for sure, ive always wanted to explore space and this is as close to it as ive ever imagined it would be. Dont get discouraged at the beginning and stick with it and youll figure it out and be so happy you did

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