Endomondo is a social fitness network with 12 million users worldwide. Use this application to get an overview of your training. The app offers: - A calendar with an overview of workouts - A summary of your total workout statistics - A workout map and stats for each workout - Personal bests on different distances - An overview of what your friends on Endomondo have been up to. Note: This application is a companion to Endomondo’s app on all major phone platforms, which tracks your running, cycling, walking and other distance based sports. Please visit for usage terms and conditions.

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- Minor bug fixes.

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OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64

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Endomondo US
© 2012 Endomondo. All rights reserved.

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3.9 MB - 4.21 MB

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Access your Internet connection

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TERMS - Endomondo offers services that help you to make your sport experience more fun; however: - When using our Services you are still responsible for any risks associated with your athletic or recreational activities - Endomondo makes no warranties and is not liable for your use of the Services - Always put personal safety first, follow applicable traffic regulations and do not operate your mobile device when in motion or in potential unsafe areas - We take care of the personal information you upload and share per default on the Endomondo community. Please see our privacy policy - We may terminate your accounts if the terms are violated - The service is not intended for children under 13 - Contact our support team for help or questions PLEASE READ THE FULL TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE ENDOMONDO SERVICES AS THEY ARE A LEGAL DOCUMENT WHICH GOVERNS YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. BY USING THE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO TERMS AND ALL REVISIONS THEREOF. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE – DO NOT USE THE SERVICES These terms and conditions ("Terms"), including terms set forth in the privacy policy ("Privacy Policy"), apply for the use of all services ("Services") rendered by Endomondo, its subsidiaries and affiliates via the website ("Site"), all associated sites, distribution channels and via the necessary software applications ("Software") used in connection with the Services to the Users ("User" or "you") of the Services. These Terms may be revised from time to time. At any time, the then-current version of the Terms can be found on the Site (

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Platform: PC

Nice looking, but where are the features?

really would like to be able to update/edit items as well as post on followers events and interact with users like I would expect to be able to do on the website. Thanks for RT release!




Platform: PC

A nice start

But the web app is far more functional and usable at this point. Given some more growth however, this could be an app that is a superior user experience to the website much as Facebook for windows 8.1 is.




Platform: PC

Okay, but read-only

The app is laid out nicely and shows rotating stats I haven't seen on the site (not without following a bunch of links), but the app really misses out on some great functionality - like being a share target for *.gpx (or other supported extension) files to easily log data from, say, my Garmin (which I just access via the file system most times), adding workouts through the app, and even being a share source for social networking via, for ex., the People hub. I'd be happy to give it 5 stars then.




Platform: PC

End up using website given limited functionality

This app really needs statistics to be very useful. Right now I always end up turning to the web. Am glad Endomondo is generally supporting Windows. Windows Phone app is quite good (will be better once low energy Bluetooth is supported by Microsoft).




Platform: PC

Still very limited in features

This application is still very limited in features and there are no settings. Get with it Endomondo, the rest of the world is in Metric but the profile and stats are in imperial with no option to change. There is also no upload or Garmin sync options if you happen to have a file or photo to upload. Even the mobile apps have more features.




Platform: PC

nice app, but no ability to add info

You can't add anything. All you can do is view it. What good is that? If I am going to go to the web to enter my info, then I will already be there, and don't need this app to view it! There are a surprising number of us who bike with our tablets. Catch up to the real world please endomondo!!




Platform: PC

Great running app, but hiccups here and there.

I like Endomondo a lot. I use it with my Samsung Focus and it interfaces nicely with Win8 and decently with Facebook. My one complaint after using it for a few weeks is that it sometimes "pauses" my workouts while I'm running even though I have auto pausing turned off and I never stop moving. I'm not sure if it's because it loses GPS or what. Usually it recovers or extrapolates the distance it's missed and it doesn't seem like a big deal, but yesterday I ran 18 miles and the app only said 14.39.




Platform: PC


My newsfeed respects my option (set on the web) to see metric system (km, kg, etc), but the details of my workouts and my statistics don't.... :( The rest works good. Nice to have endomondo on windows 8!




Platform: PC


Using a tablet to track a workout sounds like something Endomondo did not expect people wanted, so it makes sense this app is informational. I love it! Not too sure I want to see myself running, biking, etc with my tablet.




Platform: PC

Not functionality for Adding a new workout

My Android can add a workout granted it doesn't let you put in heartrate info manually but at least I can put in the workout. This is nothing but information. I can't even see where I would start a new workout.



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