Winner Of The Prestigious “Game Of Show” Award At Both E3 2014 & Gamescom 2014 Join The Hunt With The Deepest And Most Diverse Selection Of Hunters And Monsters To Choose From In The Most Complete 4V1 Hunting Experience Yet. With 20 Hunters, 5 Monsters, 16+ Maps, And 5 Game Modes To Play, No Two Hunts Will Ever Be The Same. It’S Survival Of The Fittest And Any Side Can Win. Choose Your Side. Includes: Evolve Main Game, The Monster Expansion Pack, Hunting Season 1, And Hunting Season 2. 4V1: Team up with 3 friends to hunt a powerful evolving beast or go it alone as the Monster. HUNTERS: Whether you play as Assault, Trapper, Medic or Support, every role is vital to Survival. MONSTERS: Play as BEHEMOTH, GORGON, GOLIATH, KRAKEN and WRAITH, all diversely savage. RANKED PLAY: Hunt 2.0 pits you against players of equal skill. Win and climb your way up to the top of your class. OFFLINE PLAY: Experience the thrill of the hunt offline.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer- 1 to 5 players
  • Online co-op

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    Mature 17+

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    Strong Language


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$1.99 - $24.99

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Platform: Xbox

Great Game but Multiplayer is bad

It's a great game, I have spent hours and hours playing but online multiplayer is garbage. you get kicked for 45 secs of inactivity and then have to wait 3 mins to play again. Matches are either a win or lose. the monster is either really dumb or a very good. other than multiplayer it's a fantastic game

5 out of 7 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


What I like about Evolve are the monsters because although there's only 5 monsters (not counting meteor Golith and elder Kraken) they're all fun to play. Also having butt loads of hunters, each hunter is a great counter to a spisific monster. I hope that sometime in the future there will be more monster. (Don't mind my spelling)

25 out of 35 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

amazing game

fun and challenging. but the servers aren't great.

11 out of 17 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

best game ever

as soon as i got this game is got so addicted. I love the graphics, maps, characters, etc. but i wish they added more things

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Platform: Xbox

Fun game, but only with friends

The game has some addicting gameplay. The hunters are all pretty unique mostly and give you a nice variety in ways to play. There are about 4 game modes that change how you play the game, wish there were a couple more. Overall the game is worth it just make sure you get at least a couple other friends to play with. This game relies on teamwork, so relying on randoms is not that great.

83 out of 96 people found this helpful.



willis 505

Platform: Xbox

i wish

i like to be a monster mybe a kraken but the game is really hard to master all the attacks even thought its a lot less harder but i wish the hunters were not so hard to kill but the the solo is fun to watch my 5 year old brother play it ferry fun game

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Platform: Xbox

Most unbalanced game I've ever played.

I rarely win as a hunter, the monster deals too much damage, and the monster requires no skill to play. This game would be good with actual balance, but it has none to speak of. Absolutely unplayable, fix your game, 2K.

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Platform: Xbox

Xbox gold not-so-free game of March

I've heard middling reviews of this and kinda got excited to take it for a spin, but it's only free til April. It's online only. This is basically a weekend pass for 2 more weeks, not an actual free game. Disappointed.

398 out of 576 people found this helpful.



Niles Viking

Platform: Xbox

Evolve is a great game.

This game is very fun and addictive. There are many hunters to choose from. The only problem I have is the lack of cooperation and communication I get when playing without a squad. Besides that, the combat is awesome, and the graphics are stellar.

97 out of 123 people found this helpful.



Jay Derpicorn

Platform: Xbox


Super fun and addicting. It's a great game with good graphics and humor nicely wrapped in it. I find myself laughing quite a lot! Lots of variety and customization. I rarely ever have connection problems, either. (:

54 out of 76 people found this helpful.



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