Forza Motorsport 7 VIP

Forza Motorsport 7 VIP

Microsoft Studios


ENJOY A 2x BASE CREDIT BONUS AFTER EVERY RACE and much more with Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership. VIP members also receive 5 exclusive Forza Edition cars, granting players additional in-game credit bonuses. Cars include the 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition, the 2014 BMW M4 Coupe , the 1969 Camaro Super Sport Coupe, the 2013 Ram Runner, and the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Showcase your driver with 5 sets of Driver Gear reserved for VIP members only. Be recognized throughout the Forza Motorsport 7 community with special VIP badging. Get your Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership today.

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Xbox One

Xbox One



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OS Windows 10
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OS Windows 10
Architecture x86, x64

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VIP rip off.(UPDATE!)

Playing since F2, VIP since available. Turn 10 was very unclear and lied about the VIP contents. Only to go and change the store description AFTER people noticed and started to complain. First game to take away what felt like an actual VIP advantage, unnecessarily, for no reason, without warning to people who have played for a decade... Way to reward us Turn 10, a knife in the back! Hate to say, don't buy VIP, F7 might be my last time... UPDATE! Turn 10 heard everyone! They have swiftly decided to make up for their obvious mistake and reinstate 2X credits every race + extras. Great response speed from T10, thanks T10!

210 out of 223 people found this helpful.

This isn't right

I feel a little slapped in the face here. I'm pretty loyal to the Forza games and have been playing since the original on the first Xbox. VIP has always meant a 100% credits boost permanently at least on something. VIP Racing suits? Honestly give me just one suit and I'm happy. This game is about racing and collecting cars - not about an exciting looking drivatar. Unless style points is what you use to purchase these in game cars, give me credits and not stupid uniforms. I bought the Deluxe version of the game for $79.99 since it included the VIP and I knew that's what I wanted to start the game out with. This should have never been called VIP or ever had that naming applied to it. Call it a "mod and skin bundle" because that's all it is. This is a chance for Turn 10 to make things right. Release an update: have it work permanent credit boost like the previous games It shouldn't be hard to change and can easily be done via the update/patch system. - Loyal racer since 2005

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5 Stars After the Update

I originally gave 1 star, but I have updated to 5 Stars now that the Forza team has responded to the criticism from loyal fans. Three more Froze Edition cars, 1,000,000 credits, and permanent 2x credits in the future. Thank you Turn 10 for making things right.

65 out of 71 people found this helpful.

thanks for the update t10 woo hoo

mods and 2x earnd credts for each race was done so much better in forza motorsport 6 unlimited use mods and permaneent vip boost to earned credits now its so dam hard to earn anything in game its not funny filin a complaint....thanks for fixing it 2x credts earned a race now woo hooo!👌✌

15 out of 16 people found this helpful.

THANKS for fixing the problem!

We complained, they listened. So I updated my review. Thanks!

32 out of 37 people found this helpful.

Not fraud anymore, but doesn't work either.

Update: Okay, great, VIP is no longer consumable, great. But now, some game update that was thrown into the mix has my Windows 10 install not detecting the VIP pass (even though it knows I already own it, bonus confusion) and does not allow me to install the VIP pass. The installation has been wrecked twice and left in an "updating please wait" state even though nothing is updating. This has caused me to re-download 95 GB of data twice. So if you count the times I've installed it on my Xbox, and my PC, this game has consumed roughly 380 GB of my bandwidth cap all by itself. Loving it so far.

9 out of 9 people found this helpful.

We Got Hosed

I'm embarrassed to be a VIP. Now everyone knows I'm a sucker.

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Updated* "Was a"Total Scam

I heard as of today (10/5/17) VIP membership will slowly integrate back to the way it was as in previous Forza games. I'm truly happy that Turn 10 listened as many people were ready for refunds. I change my rating from 1 to 5 ☆ now.

14 out of 15 people found this helpful.

Change at last

Thank you for the changes Turn 10, and thank you for listening to the community! At least you (unlike other developers) know when to own up to mistakes and correct them

55 out of 67 people found this helpful.

Giant ripoff

Don't waste your money. You don't get what you used to get with VIP in the past. You only get a credit boost on 25 races. Screw Micro$oft and Turn 10!

18 out of 20 people found this helpful.

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