Grim Legends Bundle

Grim Legends Bundle

Artifex Mundi
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save $6.00



Enter an enchanting realm filled with gloomy forests, forbidden temples and abandoned castles to save your twin sister. Continue the saga in the Eagle Kingdom where a mysterious illness caused by dark magic threatens the life of the queen and her newborn child. The World of Grim Legends awaits!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Artifex Mundi

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    Use of Alcohol


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You Can't See Me

A pretty cool find the hidden object game for the Xbox One. Puzzles can get pretty interesting at times and fast. I love the art style in this title, How the picture comes to life seemlessly after solving a puzzle is beautiful. The story itself watching it come to life is pretty cool too. Not bad for a $10 tittle with more than enough content for its asking price. 3/5

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I adore this game! I wish the sequels were available on xbox, I would buy them immediately. Beautiful art, engaging story, and interesting puzzles. I love that the game is more interactive as opposed to strictly hidden objects. Perfect game worth every penny.

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❤ it!!

love all artifex games so far, this is another masterpiece 👍👍👍

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A delightful, chill game!

I really enjoyed this game. On easy mode the puzzles are fun and doable. This is a nice chill game and appropriate for kids too. I bought the bundle and can't wait to try the rest. MAGA!

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I can't wait to play some more of these games!

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really love this game

finally fund a game that requires thinking and not shooting...

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loved it

1 there better games loved it

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game is glitchy...

I did it on expert mode and careful not to touch the hint on dpad and did not receive the achievement... I did NOT change any settings unless adjusting the volume counts...😠

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no achievement for expert run?

not only did that not work but the domino achievement didnt pop either.😠 not very happy about this!!! thats time i will never get back and now i have to do again.

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