Don’t be a T.O.O.L… Enlist with the GUN BROS today! The Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (AKA F.R.A.G.G.E.D) specializes in the development and deployment of superhuman special agents. Headed since its formation by the brilliant soldier-turned-scientist Mother Gun, its current roster consists of only two active field operatives, code-named Percy and Francis Gun. Their lifelong mission: to protect the cosmos from the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life known as T.O.O.L. Like a super-powered fungus gone haywire, the evil T.O.O.L organization has grown from the dankest levels of the criminal underworld to spread its own brand of malevolent funk to every corner of the galaxy. Most recently, they’ve set their sights on harvesting the rare element Xplodium in an effort to create even more powerful weapons to enslave the universe… But not if the GUN BROS have anything to do about it! XBOX LIVE ENABLED! Form your own Brotherhood: Add your Xbox LIVE friends to form your brotherhood- your brothers will help protect you and destroy the T.O.O.L enemies. Every time a friend uses your Brother, you gain valuable experience to help your progress, even if you’re not currently in the game! HIGH END 3D GRAPHICS Non-stop 3D Action shooter: The waves of T.O.O.L enemies just keep on coming and you and your brother need to have some serious out-of-this-world shooting skills to take those repugnant space bullies down! NEW ZOMBIE PLANET - BOKOR! Infested with all new ZOMBIE T.O.O.L. enemies! Included with an all new SURVIVAL MODE! PERFECT WAVE Complete a wave without taking any damage to receive an explodium bonus for that wave. No pain, you gain! THE BROS LIKE BIG GUNS Tons of insanely powerful Guns, Armor and other explosive power-ups to get your hands on in the F.R.A.G.G.E.D Armory.

Available on

mobile device

mobile device

System Requirements

OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

Additional info

Published by
Glu Games Inc.

Approximate download size
187.06 MB

Action & adventure

Use Xbox LIVE services
Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use information about your device
Use your media library
Use your device network services
Use any of your Windows Phone sensors

Install on your Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
Português (Brasil)
English (United States)
Deutsch (Deutschland)
Italiano (Italia)
Русский (Россия)
Français (France)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)

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Publisher Website

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Platform: Mobile

I stopped playing for a while, and when I picked it back up all my equipment was gone. Also, it is incredibly repetitive and drawn out. Just stay away. Now it freezes after loading the game...




Platform: Mobile

Great game. Lots of fun.




Platform: Mobile

Good game. Really fun. However, I must say that it does get quite repetitive over time. I also encountered a bug perhaps in which previously purchased armor and guns become unavailable if they are not used for a while. Basically, I have to pay a whole bunch of in game currency to buy the same gun again. Not so fun and that's the reason for the rating. Uninstalling after many months of having this game




Platform: Mobile

Its fun but it takes way too much effort to get any good stuff or it costs money to get good stuff it..........needs...........some work




Platform: Mobile

Very good but the guns will disappear from time to time, which is not a big deal as long as the guns you like to use are equipped, but frustrating otherwise. The game needs to be updated; there are alot of planets that are undiscovered, and have been for a long time now. Hey yo add me: AH Blarckish




Platform: Mobile

Love it, totally addicting.




Platform: Mobile

Nice Game however after some time, if you close it and open it again it wont let you proceed to the game, it stays in the start screen on where you can see the option of the buffs and on the screen where it ask you to log in or create ab xbox account, so as a solution you need to uninstall and reinstall it, which is very annoying. Is there any fix on this one? I love the game and wanted to play with it as much as I wanted to. :|




Platform: Mobile

I enjoy this game but it has a number of issues. I feel I can only play a third of the game. The upgrades can't be used can you can't buy Microsoft points any more. And there is a problem with connecting to Xbox live. I can rarely connect and can not see options for getting other players to join me. Please update and fix. Thank you.




Platform: Mobile

I fucking love this game, although I have major problems with connecting online or even being to able to use the multiplayer feature, I still 5 star it. Add me bros and sis's :Zinz Inkz.




Platform: Mobile

Great game, but has a few minor bugs keeping it away from 5 stars



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