IM+ Pro. One app, all your messaging. IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Facebook, Google Talk, AOL/AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Vkontakte, Mail.Ru Agent, Odnoklassniki, Yandex chat, Mamba.Ru, Mig33, SINA Weibo, Renren, Fetion, Gadu-Gadu, MeinVZ and Jabber. IM+ Pro features text messages and photo sending, supports group chats in AIM and ICQ, allows to add multiple accounts per service, lets you show your mood with personal status messages and customize application appearance, supports typing notifications and we're not done yet, new IM+ Pro features will keep coming! IM+ Pro offers following features, which are not available in free IM+ application: - Chat history - Customizable Push timeout - No ads Follow @implus on Twitter and Like to get the latest updates from IM+ team! IM+ uses your personal data to login to your instant messaging accounts. You will be prompted to authorize IM+ to use your personal data upon app launch.

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Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

This version includes various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions! Stay connected with us on Facebook:


  • Support for all popular instant messaging services
  • Free text messages and photo sending
  • Group chats
  • Multiple accounts per service
  • Typing notifications
  • Personal status messages
  • IM+ Pro supports chat history
  • IM+ Pro offers customizable Push timeout
  • IM+ Pro is ad-free

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64

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SHAPE 2014. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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2.81 MB - 3.73 MB


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This app can
Use your webcam
Use your microphone
Use your location
Access your Internet connection
Use your pictures library

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

The product developer believes this product meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.

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English (United States)
Deutsch (Deutschland)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)
Français (France)
Italiano (Italia)
Polski (Polska)
Русский (Россия)
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Português (Portugal)

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Platform: PC

Really needs to be updated

When you pay for an App, part of the reason you do so is you think there will be ongoing support. But over time, this application has allowed way too many chat clients to become non functional. I would have rated this app highly when I started to use it, but at this point it is really only an AOL or ICQ client. And no telling how long this will last. So if the developer is even paying attention anymore as it seems so many Windows apps are merely abandonware anymore, this application could REALLY use an update. And if you are thinking of buying this, at this time I would STRONGLY suggest you keep your money in your wallet.

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Platform: PC

Just not there...

If you are looking for a PC solution to a multichat program, there are better applications out there. My big issues are the single window design, it is clunky and gets in the way. It sends a billion notifications to windows 10 even if you are focused on the window, really it should never be sending them there unless it isn't open (push notifications). If the window is open, a simple flash of the task bar icon would suffice. If it has the active focus it shouldn't be doing anything other than maybe sound. No group chat on hangouts (probably the most heavily used app). Seems to play nice with hangouts otherwise. It is getting better. The interface is clean for what it is. I think it would be great if you could pop out chat windows, or if they defaulted to something similar as FB Messenger bubbles.

12 out of 12 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Application needs some significant updates.

While its probably the best of a bad group of IM clients geared toward the modern interface, it lacks a large number of features that would move it to an almost immortal status, instead of one of the mediocre rank and file. Image handling is poor, images cannot be viewed inline, image and file formats are heavily restricted when they're simply hosting a link and sending that. Why can't I share images directly into the app? Because they're not accepting the image intent from external apps. Well, ill just take a desktop screenshot then right? WRong. 9 out of 10 attempts fail to attach the image, and at least 1 of those 10 completely crashes IM+ pro. 10 out of 10 attempts to paste the desktop screenshot into one note works, so you can't blame MS for this one. Cloud sync for conversations doesn't seem to work well. Two PCs open to the same conversation have different content, there's no hope for cross platform. It appears the comment limit is 1000 and im just getting started.




Platform: PC

Great Instant Messaging App BUT....

It's great for instant messaging, especially AIM and Facebook. But, it'd be nice if you could format the chats better and whatnot. Also, the user interface isn't the best, it's easy to use but at the same time really annoying when performing certain actions. But, since it's really the only app that I've found that supports AIM (AOL) Instant Messenger. But, I do like that I have the option to have IM+ Push mode send me emails whenever someone IMs me. I recommend this app, especially for AIM.




Platform: PC

No longer working as of 8/4/14

I Loved this app, I used it everyday as I work from home and snapping made my life a lot easier. but unfortunately after today, the app no longer works, not online has restarting my PC not fixed the issue but neither has uninstalling and re-installing the app either. I used this app Everyday and had no issues until now. the app will no longer connect to any of my messengers (yahoo, Gmail, Skype) and upon closing the app it will no longer come back up unless you reinstall it. it only keeps closing itself. very unhappy customer and in need of a new IM. hope to see a fix soon

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Platform: PC

Connects to all my services

I use 7 different IM's. I wish it was a little more intuitive, but that's Windows 8 for you, not their fault. I like their Android version a lot as well. I switched to this from Trillian on multiple platforms after Trillian went off the rails, and I've tried IMO and a bunch of other all-in-one IM programs. This was the simplest and most capable.




Platform: PC

Excellent Program

Great way to combine multiple chat programs. I use it for Gtalk, Skype, AIM and Facebook, and haven't had any issues. Only downsides I've had is that I can't do Skype phone/video with it (which would be a GREAT update to build) and file transfer size limitations can hamper the larger files (40MB is still sizeable, but I have work files that sometimes break that at a full sprint). Would still highly recommend!

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Platform: PC

Good start -- needs improvements

I was happy to pay for this app after using the free version. It works well. But it shouldn't be a finished product -- it needs lots of improvements. The design needs help from a graphic designer, needs an option to have chats take up less space on the screen (a line for your name with lots of padding causes messages to be way too big), and generally needs some UX improvements. But it works well, I just hope the developers continue to improve it.




Platform: PC

Very good app for cross-platform chat

I had been using the IM+ free app for a while, and was definitely enjoying the experience, and being able to use the same experience across my Windows 8 laptop, Windows Phone and Windows 8 computer at work was nice. I finally decided to purchase the Pro version, when I learned it added the extra bonus of saving chat history between devices. But it only saves the history of the person you are chatting with, and not yours. I really wish it would add both sides of the conversation across all devices and it would be pretty much perfect. Outside of that one fault, I enjoy the UI in Windows 8 most, though the Windows Phone app is decent. It keeps me coming back and using it, so I'm definitely sold on it. Thanks for making a great app and keep making improvements and keep it going. You guys are doing great.

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Platform: PC

Pretty Good

IM+ Pro behaves about as well as can be expected from a chat client that can connect to a variety of services. The biggest issue for me is that it *still* doesn't support Jabber/XAMPP chat rooms, which means I have to run pidgin fairly often as well.

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