Isokratis Piano is a digital microtonal tunable piano/isokratis, allowing for arbitrary N-ET step (incl. half-step) sharps and flats, individually in each piano key of the octave of the selected scale family (In-app), along with N-ET pitch shift, for adjustable N. It further, features (97+)-key Piano (with octaves' shift), Button Keys (In-app) instead of Piano Keys, and contains Piano, Isokratis voice, and ability to add your own Isokratis voices (In-app), and synthetic Choir sounds, Metronome, Chrononome, Virtual LCD, different Reference Frequencies (e.g. A4 440 Hz, C4 256 Hz, C4 220 Hz), 12-ET (Western Music) and Byzantine Scales' selection capabilities, and many more. * If you like our Isokratis Piano app, please give us a positive rating to help our development efforts! If you face any problems, or for any feedback, please contact us at the support email. * For best sound experience please connect the sound output to good speakers or to your home theater amplifier. * Works also offline (without internet connection)

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Version notes

Version number: 2015.1120.1943.3583

* Thank you for your ratings and communication that help us in our work. Isokratis Piano works also offline (without internet connection) Release 10.4.1 * New sound "Isokratis P2 -12" * Windows 10 bug fix Release 10.3.0 * Fix for various text size percentages under Windows 10 Release 10.2.0 * Fix for Windows 10 Release 9 * Νew sound choir sPro light (in the main package of Isokratis Piano) * New: Fade-In Time adjustment (for Isokratis-like sounds) * Isokratis-like Sounds now reach up to upper G/Di’ * Larger Octave Shift buttons * Reference frequency selection bug fix Release 8 * Choir sPro sound of Release 7 was renamed to the “sPro bass” in this Release. * Νew sound choir sPro (in the main package of Isokratis Piano). * 4 additional sounds (+12), (-12), which are recommended when the pitch shift is above 12 moria, or below -12 moria correspondingly (they’re also in the main package). * Selection of the Sounds can now be done also from the main screen. * Selection of the Pitch Shift step can now be done also from the main screen. * Arbitrary Pitch Shift can now be set directly by typing (which might be truncated to the corresponding limits) * In App: Button Keys, Chroas Etc., are free. Isokratis Piano's 23-page User's Guide for the Release 8 is also available at: Release 7 * sPro synthetic Choir (new sound added to the main package)


  • Key Tuning (Scale Tuner): Programmable N-ET step (incl. half-step) tuned sharps and flats, individually in each piano key (In-app); Load/Save tunings
  • Scales: 12ΕΤ, Byzantine Scales (Committee 1881, Chrysanthos), Didymos (non-tempered)
  • Sounds: Piano, Isokratis 1 (human voice), synthetic sPro Choir, synthetic sPro Choir light, synthetic sPro bass Choir, synthetic Choir 1, synthetic Choir 2
  • Ability to Load/Play your own .wav Isokratis' voices (In-app), taking advantage of the app's vast capabilities (piano soundboard)
  • Metronome (European), Chrononome (Byzantine) with virtual "LED" and sound
  • Pitch Shift: arbitrary (limited) or in steps of configurable N-ET intervals; N-ET steps/cents (decimal numbers) with adjustable N from 12-99999
  • 97-key Piano (+optional B#, E# black keys), C0-C8 or G0-G8 (with octaves’ shift), 2-4 full octaves' display (with Piano sound)
  • Button Keys (In-app), instead of Piano Keys, for Isokratis usage
  • Fade-In Time and Release Time adjustment
  • Continuous Key press mode (Hover/Hold modes), for Isokratis and Synthetic Choir sounds
  • Byzantine Piano (with Byzantine Scales)
  • Chroas (In-app)
  • Virtual LCD displaying useful information
  • Tone intervals between the Keys, Keys' frequencies on top of the Keys, Personal Settings saving capability
  • Key labels choice: Byzantine Music Martyrias, Tone names (Ni, Pa, Vou, ...), European notation (Do, Re, Mi, ...), US notation (C, D, E, …)
  • 4 different reference frequencies (Ke/A 440, Ni/C 261.63, Ni/C 256, Ni/C 220)
  • Volume Control (logarithmically, and independent of computer’s volume control)
  • Keyboard help (piano keys - keyboard keys correspondence appearance) / Keys' size change
  • Adjustable app width (to be used in parallel with your favorite eBook reader), Background image selection
  • Multi-touch, Keyboard, Mouse input

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x64, x86
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x64, x86

Additional info

Published by
Παναγιώτης Παπαδημητρίου
Copyright © 2014, Π. Παπαδημητρίου.

Approximate download size
160.15 MB


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Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
English (United States)
Ελληνικά (Ελλάδα)

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thank you very cool and useful

thank you very cool and useful

Developer comment · Responder 0000 responded on 9/6/2015

Thank you very much!

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