• Celebrate 30 seasons of Jeopardy! with all new in-game graphics and 30th season set
  • Thousands of clues from the Jeopardy! show producers
  • Play friends and family on the same screen using Party Mode
  • Write your name in the podium like a real Jeopardy! contestant

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2 stars out of 5
· 10/28/2015
Could be better

There isn't timed rounds like the show so you answer every question. You are also given the chance to play or pass on each answer. Even on the hard difficulty, you don't have to buzz in before the computer. If you choose the incorrect response, half the time the computer will select the same answer. IRL you wouldn't say the exact same thing the guy before you did if it wasn't right. Also hard is still way too easy and the clues and categories start to repeat pretty quick but in different rounds for different point values. There is potential but currently no challenge or online multiplayer option.

2 stars out of 5
· 9/15/2015
No Voice

Although most reviews read that this game freezes or don't load or that the other A.I. opponents don't answer the question when it's time to. I've been fortunate not to have experienced these issues so far on my Surface 2. However, there's no voice on the game at all (which makes it a bit boring)... Please update this for a five star rating.

1 stars out of 5
· 8/28/2015

Like others when you open the app in Windows 10 its freezes and will not open. :-(

1 stars out of 5
· 5/2/2015

Once again Jeopardy froze when I opened it and I had to uninstall and reinstall...now it doesn't appear at all...so disappointed in this app

3 stars out of 5
· 9/10/2014
Seen better, seen worse

This game is from the developer of the outstanding AlphaJax games for Windows and Windows Phone, so my expectations were kind of high. Technically, it's pretty good. Very few, if any, bugs. But it's just not challenging at all. I just played an entire game, set on "Hard," and I ringed in on every answer whether I knew the question or not. I handily beat the CPU players on the order of $45000 to $400. It is a pretty shameless vehicle for DLC, allowing you to purchase contestant packs (additional clothing and hairstyles for your avatar) and clue packs (additional questions). I don't know that any of that is strictly necessary. Overall, it's a fairly mediocre experience that I suspect was somewhat limited by the requirements of the show's producers. That said, it's cheap and a decent diversion for 10 minutes or so, so I'll forgive them.

3 stars out of 5
· 8/10/2014
Not bad but needs a few things

Overall works but has issues: 1. Sometimes if player 1 and 2 miss the answer, it is obvious that player 3 should get it, however the CPU passes. 2. It is hard to know if the answer picked was the correct one, no sound. 3. The categories should be spoken when presented. 4. It is fast paced but sometimes too fast. It needs a small pause in between questions. 5. It is hard to tell what player has control of the board.

2 stars out of 5
· 8/10/2014
Multiple Choice Doesn't Dazzle

This version of Jeopardy is a multiple choice type answer system. When the question is shown (not narrated) you have the option to play or pass and if you select play then you are presented with 3 answers to choose from. If you pass then the opponents answer or the question goes unanswered and control returns to the last correct question. I've played 6 games and it's already recycling clues and categories. New clue packs (there are 5 available for purchase) are $.99 each for 700 clues; I haven't purchased any of these but the range of categories advertised is impressive.

4 stars out of 5
· 8/9/2014

Really good selection of questions in Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. Music and sounds are correct. Neat to do your signature on the screen also.

1 stars out of 5
· 1/30/2016

with windows 10 it freezes. hurry up and fix this!

1 stars out of 5
· 5/28/2016

Will not load, just freezes

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