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May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.
This app does not work on your device.
May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.



Krita is an open source painting application designed for illustrators concept artists, illustrators, comic book creators, matte painters and texture artists, and the VFX industry. Krita is used daily by professional artists all over the world, as well as enthousiastic amateurs. Krita offers many common and innovative features to make painting more fun and more productive. There are great brush engines for sketching and painting, stabilizers for freehand inking, assistants for constructing a complex scene, a distraction-free canvas-only mode for painting without bother, clone layers, filter and transform masks for non-destructive editing. You can exchange files with other applications in many different formats. Krita is being developed by an international community of open source enthousiasts who want to make a great digital painting application available as widely as possible. If you buy Krita in the Windows store, you will support the development of Krita directly: currently, two volunteers from the Krita community are sponsored to work full-time on Krita. You will also have the convenience of easy installation on all your Windows devices and automatic updates when a new version is released. You can also get Krita for free from https://www.krita.org/downloads, as traditional setup packages or zip files. There are no functional differences, it's the same application, repackaged as a WIndows Store application by the Krita developers.

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Version notes

Version number:

Krita 3.3.0 has two big updates for Windows users! Krita now supports the native Windows Pointer API, which means that you don't need to install the wintab drivers on your Surface Pro or similar devices anymore. And we're now using the ANGLE library to use Direct3D instead of OpenGL when your display driver is known to be buggy. You can override Krita's choice in Configure Krita settings dialog. Krita 3.3.3 has several extra bug fixes and makes Angle/Direct3D the default. For the full list of changes, see https://krita.org/en/item/krita-3-3-0/


  • Many innovative and fun brush engines
  • A Pop-up Palette that allows for quick access to favorite brushes and a color selector
  • Wrap-around mode for making seamless textures
  • Resource Manager to handle your collections of brushes, patterns and more
  • Drawing Assistants to help with perspective and image construction
  • PSD Support: load and save photoshop files, re-use some photoshop brushes
  • Transform tools to make your image just right
  • Color management and many color advanced color selectors
  • Training available: go to https://www.krita.org shop for training videos and books.

System Requirements

OS Windows 10
Architecture x64
Memory 2 GB
Keyboard Not specified
Mouse Not specified
Notes Not specified
OS Windows 10
Architecture x64
Memory 4 GB
Keyboard Integrated Keyboard
Mouse Integrated Mouse
Notes Krita works best with a pressure sensitive stylus. When using a Surface or Surface Pro, please install the Microsoft Wintab drivers for Surface.

Additional info

Published by
The Krita developers, 1998 - present. Krita is developed by volunteers from the KDE community (https://www.kde.org). KRITA is a trademark of the Krita Foundation.

Approximate download size
78.42 MB

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Language supported
English (United States)

Publisher Info
Krita website
Krita support

Additional terms
Krita privacy policy
Krita license terms
Krita is developed under the GNU Public License, Version 2 or later. You can retrieve the source code and binary builds of Krita (Windows (setup.exe and portable zip), OSX and Linux) from https://www.krita.org/download. Older versions are available from https://download.kde.org/krita/stable. Krita as distributed on the Microsoft Store is built from the same binary builds as are available on from https://krita.org. The GNU Public License gives you several rights with regards to the Krita source code. You can change, alter and improve Krita. If you distribute your improved version of Krita, you also need to distribute your improved source code under the GNU Public License. All the work you do with Krita is your own property: Krita's license does not apply to anything you create with Krita. The whole GNU Public License is too long to quote here. Please consult the license here: https://phabricator.kde.org/source/krita/browse/master/COPYING

Seizure warnings
Photosensitive seizure warning

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Has potential

I've tried to use Krita a couple of years ago but it didn't scale well on my Surface Pro 3 so I gave up on it. I'm trying it again and it's improved but still has certain nagging issues that kill my workflow. Krita supports pinch and zoom but doesn't support touch enabled canvas rotation? That makes no sense especially in a Windows 10/Surface environment in 2017. Krita also doesn't support Surface Pen eraser functions. Specifically, being able to erase using the top of the Surface Pen. This is supported in a lot of other creative applications. Not a dealbreaker but still weird. Why are Brush Presets not more prominent in the layout? The default left side tool bar is okay, but the default brush sucks, and the eraser tool isn't among the default toolbar. It's a weird layout choice IMO because an actual pencil tool isn't even a focus upon startup. Krita has great potential but the layout still needs work and it has issues that lower it compared to similar applications.

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This is exactly the software I need as a beginning digital artist. Navigability, intuitive use, more tools than I know what to do with and the lifesaving autosave feature are all I could ask for. Now that animation is yet another workplace added to the program, it makes Krita all the more worth it. I have used it for two years, and am glad that it is now possible to pay for it in dollars, since euros would be a problem.

13 out of 13 people found this helpful.

Excellent app!

Nice to have a UWP version of this great art application. It is better than Phtotoshop for drawing and painting and it is open-source.

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excellent as always!

No problems on my end, no stability issues or lagginess with normal use. I had default settings, and I wasnt using too many layers. People should be warned though: it hasn't been made more touch friendly in this version, and I couldn't get the eraser button on my pen to work. Not sure there are any changes at all... Good thing is that people who don't know Krita can now feel a little safer downloading it. I'm gonna keep drawing in Leonardo for better tablet experience, but when doing advanced stuff Krita is a great replacement for PhotoShop imo, for those that cant afford it. As always, I'm so grateful to the developers, great job!

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Thanks for the Windows Store app!

I downloaded the old Win32 Krita app a while ago, and liked it a lot. It's great to see it in the Windows Store! Updates are much easier now. Can't wait until the touchscreen version makes it, too!

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The program has potential... just not with my Asus Transformer Micro, which I bought for the Sole purpose OF USING KRITA!!! I've spent the last five days trying to get the pen pressure sensitivity to work to no avail. Despite that I still believe in Krita enough and what it stands for to rate it 3 stars. I can still use it for game textures and when sketching I use a tactile line method so I can make it work, but, the fact that I can't ink with line weight is horrible and frustrating. I hope this is fixed with the next update, if it is, five stars. Until then 3... because I'm nice. Currently the Surface Pro is supported with a Winapp driver update, currently all I can find for Asus support are paid apps that locate drivers, unfortunately after going broke buying my tablet pc I spent my last ten bucks "supporting Krita". So in conclusion, if you are on the Asus Transformer and serious about producing art then you should try another art program first, second and then third.

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Similar, Launch Faster than non-Centennial version

So far no problems at all. Launch 7 seconds faster (mine on Core i7 Laptop Windows 10 Creators Update). Smooth and no lag.

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It's a great tool!

Those complaining about lag- get a better PC! Mine works wonderfully at the moment. Anyone unable to use pressure sensitivity, download PhotoShop and restart. Opened Krita after that and it worked. What. Still, amazing app.

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Its still buggy even after I did what you said online change it to angle doesn't work. I have the latest version of it and latest surface. So that led me to believe the problem is with your app. Please respond soon on how to fix this. I DO NOT want to delete this sense it seems like it as a lot of potential. Thanks for reading edit: I just checked and the screen isn't the only problem. I cant use the colors nor brushes. Please tell me there is a way to fix this if not then this was frankly a waste of money. EDIT: Figure out how to fix it. You click file then new then you'll get the page to draw on and you'll be able to draw and paint etc. After figuring that out, This app is worth it. Get it. It even lets you animate. Genius. Change my two star into a five star. You just gotta try to figure it out even though it can be a little frustrating, do it! Worth my money. WORTH IT.

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At Last It is Mainstream

This has always been a good quality app, and your only hope if you were on Linux. Thank you for bring it to the Windows store. It is now the best Graphic art app in the store well worth the price. For those of you looking for a quality app on Windows S and otherwise, this is the one for you.

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