Late Shift is a high stakes FMV crime thriller. After being forced into the robbery of a lucrative auction house, mathematics student Matt is left proving his innocence in the brutal London heist. Your choices will have consequences from the very start, right through to the very end. One small decision could change the entire outcome in a choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay that can lead to one of seven conclusions. Written by the author of Sherlock Holmes (2009 film), experience a gripping live-action crime thriller with a total of over 180 decision points. Do you steal the car or do you run away? Do you follow orders or sabotage the plan? You’ll have just seconds to decide as the film continues to roll with no pauses and no looping footage. Shot in full HD, Late Shift’s cinematic experience blends the line between movies, games and interactive storytelling.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Wales Interactive

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Platform: Xbox

Great concept

Finished pretty quickly but I like that you can play through again for different results. Plays like an interactive movie

3 out of 3 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

fun with a group

i think they should release more of these things. I would buy more. Late Shift plays like one of those books were you get to choose the story. It feels just like that but is even more immersive. I like watching Late shift with groups who havn't played it yet to see what they choose. Great fun in a group! The only issue I have with it is sometimes the video hitches when making decisions but that is a small complaint. I had a lot of fun with this. I hope others will give it a shot! 👏🙂👍

52 out of 54 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Very Realistic, LOVE IT

I recommend this to anyone wanting a very intriguing game and realistic gameing experience. I love that it has 7 ending and its loaded with hours of fun. I would love if there could be more games like this! I would like to suggest to the makers of Late Shift about making games like this but they are in 1st Person to make these types of games even better. I love what you guys do and I would love to see more!

20 out of 22 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Solid Game

What a great game. My only issue is the game lags when going between scenes. Keep making more or add on to this one.

8 out of 9 people found this helpful.



ey its marcus

Platform: Xbox

entertaining and relaxed gaming

like a decent interactive movie. reminds me of the old dragon's lair type games, very chill. good break from the typical stress and involvement from traditional gaming. interactive movie that you "guide," more about watching a story.

14 out of 14 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

better than expected

I went into this with fairly low expectations not being a big fan of FMV games in general. This game however, is nicely shot and produced, runs smoothly and is a quick entertaining diversion with some replay value. I liked it and think it is a good buy. Recommended.

19 out of 20 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Great game

what i like about the game its different and the gameplay is good with that being said the sene transitions was kinda sloppy and the video speed changes at certain parts of the game please fix this, We need more games like this like Zombies games.

14 out of 18 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Finally an FMV game done right.

Nice to see choices do matter and truly change or alter what happens next seamlessly. Would love to see/play an A quality horror FMV game done like this but get to chose to play the antagonist or protagonist.

7 out of 7 people found this helpful.




Best FMV Game Ever Released

Surprisingly solid film/game, with many endings and paths to take. Honestly, it's best to just ignore reviews, since spoilers will take away from the experience. Just make decisions truthfully as you would in real during your first run, then see what happens. After that, have fun. You'll be surprised how the different decisions yield different results.



Gleny Greybeard

Platform: Xbox

Decent entry into the revitalization of the FMV genre.

Either you're a fan of FMV (full motion video), or you hate it. "Late Shift" is a movie that lets you make decisions changing how, and which, scenes play out. You're a nobody who gets pushed into a crime thriller. Unlike the blurry camp-fests FMVs of the past, the acting, sound, and video fidelity are well done. 7 possible endings. Scene transitions were a bit sloppy (abrupt cuts and video speed changes), but still pretty fun.

60 out of 64 people found this helpful.



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