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Late Shift

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Late Shift is a high stakes FMV crime thriller. After being forced into the robbery of a lucrative auction house, mathematics student Matt is left proving his innocence in the brutal London heist. Your choices will have consequences from the very start, right through to the very end. One small decision could change the entire outcome in a choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay that can lead to one of seven conclusions. Written by the author of Sherlock Holmes (2009 film), experience a gripping live-action crime thriller with a total of over 180 decision points. Do you steal the car or do you run away? Do you follow orders or sabotage the plan? You’ll have just seconds to decide as the film continues to roll with no pauses and no looping footage. Shot in full HD, Late Shift’s cinematic experience blends the line between movies, games and interactive storytelling.

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Xbox One

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Wow, okay.. this game is actually rather good!

What a surprise! I almost overlooked this title, and one could easily shrug it off after seeing the letters 'FMV'. However the execution here can be called perfect! Sharp HD visuals with excellent production values makes you feel like you're watching a recent modern film release. But the real draw here is the authentic Choose Your Own Adventure style gameplay which makes this both refreshingly casual, yet remarkably exciting! Its a gem that sufficiently scratches a major itch you never even knew you had! It's not perfect, as the video seems to pause on rare occasion, consequently having to briefly accelerate just to catch up (in my experiences). The only other quibble is that being a British game, some non-native players may have trouble following the heavily accented dialogue. There are subtitles, but they take something away from the overall cinematic presentation, in my opinion. Otherwise, the game is a very nice diversion, especially if you're looking for something somewhat unique!

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Brilliant way to kill a couple of hours with friends!

For about the cost of a movie ticket, you can choose to watch a movie where you can make choices that change the way the movie plays out. After playing through twice, I decided to rate/review. As far as quality goes, the acting and special effects are pretty decent. I found no fault in the script, which kept my attention, and didnt bore me. I actually wanted to make it to the end of the movie. On my second play through, I decided to make diffrent choices just to see if it would really matter. There are a tiny few choices that just change the script a little, but a VAST majority of your choices actually change the route of the movie. I hope that Late Shift continues to sell well, so we will see more interactive movies come to Xbox Live. Nice job guys!

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fun with a group

i think they should release more of these things. I would buy more. Late Shift plays like one of those books were you get to choose the story. It feels just like that but is even more immersive. I like watching Late shift with groups who havn't played it yet to see what they choose. Great fun in a group! The only issue I have with it is sometimes the video hitches when making decisions but that is a small complaint. I had a lot of fun with this. I hope others will give it a shot! 👏🙂👍

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So good

Saved this to playthrough with my husband and we both loved it. Seems to be a lot of variety and you can actually get entirely different scenes based on choices. As much or more than many telltale games. About 1.5 hrs to playthrough, my only negative is that the countdown timer is a little too fast to get group input on some decisions. Highly recommended.

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entertaining and relaxed gaming

like a decent interactive movie. reminds me of the old dragon's lair type games, very chill. good break from the typical stress and involvement from traditional gaming. interactive movie that you "guide," more about watching a story.

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Decent entry into the revitalization of the FMV genre.

Either you're a fan of FMV (full motion video), or you hate it. "Late Shift" is a movie that lets you make decisions changing how, and which, scenes play out. You're a nobody who gets pushed into a crime thriller. Unlike the blurry camp-fests FMVs of the past, the acting, sound, and video fidelity are well done. 7 possible endings. Scene transitions were a bit sloppy (abrupt cuts and video speed changes), but still pretty fun.

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each playthrough is around 60 to 80 mins

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a masterpiece

For real, this game is so well done and it looks so beautiful. The acting is actually very well done too as well. AND theres 7 different endings. Definitely worth getting

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A "Choose your own adventure" movie that finally gets it right. Great looking movie (good budget!), and very suspenseful. Lots of choices and several different endings increase the replay value incredibly. Hope they make more like this!

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Very Realistic, LOVE IT

I recommend this to anyone wanting a very intriguing game and realistic gameing experience. I love that it has 7 ending and its loaded with hours of fun. I would love if there could be more games like this! I would like to suggest to the makers of Late Shift about making games like this but they are in 1st Person to make these types of games even better. I love what you guys do and I would love to see more!

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