In this fierce, first person spell-caster, you play as “Dragon,” a scorned mage out to seek revenge on Shax, the evil overlord who destroyed your family. Using an arsenal of unlimited spells as your only form of weaponry, you must fight off hordes of evil cult members, monsters, and demons summoned from the abyss in a mission to avenge your loved ones.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Maximum Games

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    Mature 17+


    Strong Language


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Platform: Xbox

Game gets a needlessly bad rep.

I must preface this review by pointing out that there is an update to this game. That update is a MUST, as it fixes a great many problems with the game. WITHOUT that update, this game rates about a 2/5, largely due to major frame rate issues, tearing, slowdown, and input delay. HOWEVER, this review is for the updated/patched version of the game! I feel like Lichdom: Battlemage is a game that takes some trial and error to really gel with a player. There are several familiar systems at play here, but they all work differently than you expect. This can be a roadblock for some, but given a bit of experimentation, you not only get used to it, but the implementations begin to make sense. The spellcrafting, in particular, takes a bit of learning. Once it ddes click, though, this game does something that no other game really does: makes you feel like a mage that could wipe the floor with the likes of Gandalf and Merlin! Lichdom is a very linear experience, but it's a great power trip!

16 out of 17 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

interesting, with a touch of fail

game seems interesting and fun but I can't even really play because at random the game asks me to re-sign in with my xbox profile, constantly. its like it forgot who I am.

22 out of 32 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


feels very much like an early xbox 360 title with extremely lack luster visuals and repetitive tasks, i was hoping for a decent game since it appeared on sale but seems the xbox market duped me again... not to mention each time i open the guide to check achievement progress or a message from a friend i must then re-choose my profile

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Platform: Xbox


I can say that this title is by far the best game i have played for next generation console great and simple graphics not stressful on the console i did have to adjust television brightness to complete tutorial. but other than that im rather confussed as to why this game got such negativity from most users. it seems no one understood why this title has made a break through for individuals who desire a game with true battlemage experience. THANK YOU FOR THIS PERFECT FORM OF ART!!!!!

83 out of 136 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

what the actual ****

too much to complain about to know where to start. good idea, horrible execution. too laggy, button mapping was done by their local drugged out homeless, game cant read button presses correctly,such as trying to do a right trigger attack but it brings up the dual trigger attack, and i know the controller is working perfectly. the makers of this game later went on to develop 'no mans sky'

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Platform: Xbox

Really want my money back

Just bad on every level. Cant see, spellcraftin is poorly made, never really understand whats going on, text so small can barely read it, and the load time is slow. Its like they tried to make a bad game. Worst of all its boring. Run around hit trigger, thats all there is.

44 out of 46 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Save your money and please don't pay for this.

This should've been a $20 game and even then that's pushing it. The picture's too dark to see. The controls are too clunky. The button mappings don't make sense. It has an option to edit the mappings but that doesn't work. And because of all of these problems, It plays like a bad DND game that just won't end. This could be a great game with enough refinement. Definitely feels like it was rushed to production. Hopefully someone will buy this and re make it into the game that We were promised.

40 out of 55 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

game is alright

you are able to change the diffculty in the game. the first level is a tad bit dark but not that dark as people are compiling about in the reviews

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Text too small

Game is good but can not read the game text.




Platform: Xbox

Doesnt even start

Wish i could give it a zero. Thanks Microsoft

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