This Ultimate Alliance Bundle contains both games from the historic franchise! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Create an ultimate team from the largest Super Hero alliance ever as you engage in an epic quest to determine the fate of the Marvel Universe. • Control your own completely unique team by selecting from the largest roster of legendary Super Heroes ever assembled in one game. • Battle, team-up and interact with over 140 characters from the Marvel Universe and ultimately confront notorious villains. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 The Marvel Universe is being torn apart. The Superhuman Registration Act becomes law and Super Heroes must register as weapons of mass destruction, becoming licensed government agents. • Assemble your dream team from the Marvel Universe and select from over 24 playable characters, each with specialized powers. Take full advantage of the Marvel Universe by playing Cooperative Mode with up to four friends, both online and offline.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Multiplayer Online- 1 to 4 players
  • Co-op Local
  • Multiplayer Local- 4 players
  • Co-op Online

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    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB


    Mild Language

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Prime Lonewolf

Platform: Xbox

A game for comic fans made by comic fans!

The price is a little steep but the nostalgia makes it worth it and with the updates fixing the issues and including the dlc I have no issues with this port. If the price does throw you off I recommend buying just the first game. It's has more character and charm than the sequel and is really enjoyable if you like marvel comics.

40 out of 45 people found this helpful.



BlurryWhale FTW

Platform: Xbox

not worth the asking price

The game is a port. No graphical enhancements to speak of. If you are interested wait for the price to drop under $20

6 out of 8 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Childhood Throwback

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (MUA) is a very old game, the 1st ones 10 years old. But it is a vey fun and strategic game. Yes you will button-mash alot and the gameplay can get repetive, but its so much fun with another player. Yes its a bit overpriced but i recomend waiting for a price drop or get the bundle, its cheaper.

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Platform: Xbox

Great fun games

If you like the MCU these games definitely for you. They're not remastered so the graphics are lacking a bit. Also, I'm a little disapointed that they're charging $60 for both games without the dlc that came out for these games.

13 out of 14 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up

This was a classic on the Xbox360 and it is coming back to life on XboxOne. Build your own team of Superheros including Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and, many more. If your a fan of Marvel comics and the movies this is a must own. Same play style as the old X-Men Legends games.

5 out of 10 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

All good here

if you liked the original then you would love this. it comes with all the dlc and is still the same beat em up you loved before

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Platform: Xbox

This game is amazing!!!

It's good to play a high quality game that's not a shooting game. It's fun to play something different. Best super hero game!!!



Kills Zombies

Platform: Xbox

**** Yeah!

These games are awesome! That's it, best super hero games out there so far. Now with the dlc heroes! Hoping for MUA 3!

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Platform: Xbox

Great Games Running Great

I think the villains and collectibles and local 4 PLAYER CO-OP make these games worth it

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Platform: Xbox

A great pair of games!

Even being as old as they are, they are still really fun to play!

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