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May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.
+Contains in-app purchases
May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.
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BINGO! Dust off your daubers. Microsoft Bingo is here! With a free-to-play, travel-themed take on a classic game, Bingo just got a whole lot better. See the world: Travel the globe as you play your way through a variety of exotic locales and extraordinary settings. From Parisian cafés to the silvery waves of the Great Barrier Reef, Microsoft Bingo lets you see the sights as you fill your card. Earn Flight Points to level up and unlock exciting new locations to visit. Play in each location to collect an array of souvenirs, earning you special awards as you complete your souvenir collections. Join the community: Place bets on specific numbers on the Power Card prior to matches. Match your daubs to your Power Card picks during a round to get a Power Bingo! With each Power Bingo awarded, the community comes one step closer to its weekly goal. Help your fellow players hit the weekly goal and a special reward is yours for the taking! Earn Prizes: With every feat you accomplish in Microsoft Bingo, from calling a Bingo to making a winning bet on a Power Card, you'll earn special prizes in the form of Luggage. Each piece of Luggage holds a surprise just waiting to be unlocked, provided you have a key…

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Mobile device

Mobile device


  • Xbox Live

Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

-Performance increases on PC and mobile and various bug fixes


  • Chat and play with fellow Microsoft Bingo fans from around the world!
  • Enhance your game with special power-ups that double your rewards, highlight drawn numbers, and more!
  • Travel the globe to visit ten different exotic locations!
  • Play as a Guest, or sign in with your Xbox account to access special features!
  • Win big with Powerball bets!
  • Take part in weekly Community Challenges!
  • Win Luggage by performing feats, and unlock them for surprise rewards!
  • Earn special rewards by collecting souvenirs from the four corners of the Earth!

System Requirements

These apply only to PC and phones.
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM, x86, x64
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM, x86, x64

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Microsoft Studios
2015 Microsoft Corporation

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187.8 MB

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In-app purchases
Free - $119.99

Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)
Deutsch (Deutschland)
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Terrible Update! Please change it back!!

I used to love coming home and relaxing by playing a few rounds of Bingo but since the update it has been extremely frustrating and not relaxing at all. Connection problems, slowness, glitches, getting an "X" instead of BINGO when you have bingo, not getting luggage when you get bingo, power balls, power bingo. This is ridiculous. Why would you change something that worked fine in the first place! Change it back....PLEASE!!!

56 out of 57 people found this helpful.

The Upgrade... Isn't

Microsoft Bingo is fun, and a great way to pass the time. However, with the latest version, it's a bit less fun, due to changes made for no discernible reason. Why change the top display bar, which used to show the player how many tickets, coins, and power-ups were available, to one which only displays the number of tickets and current level, hiding the rest of the information in a pull-down menu which covers the bingo card or cards when accessed during the game? And why eliminate the announcement, "Match over!" at the end of the game? I'm probably less likely to play Microsoft Bingo as a result, and the rating I am giving the game is lower because of the changes. Bring back the older version!

34 out of 36 people found this helpful.

Won't stay connected....*really* Microsoft??

Since the last update, 3/30/17...constantly getting "server connection errors" the point the game isn't playable 90% of the time. Seems with every "improvement" this game becomes more and more unstable. Sad, used to be my #1 choice Microsoft so much.

107 out of 114 people found this helpful.

Terrible Update

December 5 Update: I thought I'd try the game again to see if it had been improved, but it's still terrible. The game locks up during play and the graphics are ridiculous. What a shame, it used to be such a great game. :( Original Review: Whomever decided that this update was ready for release is in need of a good smack upside the head. Everything about the update is terrible! Congratulations on the release of the Crystal Pepsi/New Coke version of Microsoft Bingo, you've done a bang up job ruining what was a relaxing way to unwind after a long day.

56 out of 58 people found this helpful.

Update has taken away stars for this app

I started playing Bingo about a month ago and loved it! Very addictive. Yesterday, after being unable to log in for most of the day, I discovered the new update and I hate it. I lost progress I had made on a couple of power cards, don't like the new layout and played two rounds where I didn't receive luggage for bingos, power balls and one power bingo, so I shut it off.. Won't go back until it is fixed.

28 out of 29 people found this helpful.

new update

Bugs, slow, choppy, not enough bingo's in total. 30 for over thousands playing is not nearly enough. Spent 500 keys on trying to complete Greece collection and still have two to find. TERRIBLE With all the complaints on the same issues I pointed out and there are more. You would think Microsoft would pull the update to fix it, but heck no, we wouldn't want you guys to miss out on a few coins /sarcasm. FIX IT. Put the old one up, until you work out the bugs!

37 out of 38 people found this helpful.


You have responded and made the game much better. It is now at a point the game was at before you made the revisions. Thank you for your response.

24 out of 24 people found this helpful.

Are you **** deaf to all of our complaints!?!?!

Many veteran players complaining for a week over "update" NO RESPONSE OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. I am going elsewhere. SERIOUS BUGS AND ISSUES OCCURRING: Visually: new layout out of proportion scaling issues, card too small, header bar too large, coin balance not visible without drop down, etc. Performance: VERY SLOW, power card not appearing in time before game start time and not registering power balls, power bingos and community progress afterward, earned luggage and coins not awarded, GAME FREEZES OFTEN and lost time equals lost daubs, bingos and rewards.

58 out of 61 people found this helpful.

Fun, but...

This is an enjoyable game. However it is riddled with problems. Such as, hiccupping, stalling, and not giving rewards when they were clearly won. It becomes annoying and overtime not worth the bother. If the issues were addressed and resolved it would be a great game. In the meantime, it is more frustrating than fun.

36 out of 37 people found this helpful.

Downgrading original five-star rating

This game is excellent except for the constant drops/ reconnects. When the BINGO connection drops I am still able to connect to other Microsoft games without an issue. This game is highly addictive. 😁 Update: Just played my first game on Windows 10 using my Surface 2. Playing 4 cards no longer fits by default on the screen, not a huge deal but as soon as my first game was complete the game froze. This game has too many glitches.

23 out of 23 people found this helpful.

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