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This update brings MINE for Facebook to v1.1.6. Release history (most recent updates): v1.1.6: This version adds two much-requested features: check-in & tagging friends when updating your status! v1.1.5: - New feature: post messages & links to your friend's timeline! - New feature: friend request overview, plus add & approve friends! - New feature: pinch to zoom pictures! - New feature: redesigned user profiles - Faster startup - Stability improvements (conversations & friends overview) - Fix: wrong pictures showing up for some profiles - Various other small fixes/enhancements v1.1.4: - fixes an issue that turned up last weekend due to an undocumented change in Facebook's log in policy (activated by FB on 4/4/2013). This could result in having to tap your picture on the account overview screen to log in again. - adds an option allowing you to choose if the input boxes for comments/status updates are dismissed when you tap next to them - this should make it a bit easier for those that accidentally tap somewhere on the screen when adding a comment ;-) You can find this option in "General Settings".


  • View your Facebook news feed.
  • Comment, like & update your status, share a link, add a picture, tag your friends, check in, ...
  • View your friends' profile pages, your events, your groups, ... including wall posts.
  • View & respond to private messages in a friendly layout.
  • See more with our customized feeds! All pictures, everything from Twitter, all YouTube posts, ... all at the power of your fingertips.
  • Update your Facebook status or share a link or picture from any application which supports sharing.
  • Get notifications from Facebook right on your Windows start screen, and receive toasts when something new is available!
  • View your photo albums in a beautiful photo layout, and save photos to your device.
  • Search Facebook from anywhere in Windows.
  • Designed with Windows 8 in mind, for both touch & non-touch devices.

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1 stars out of 5
· 9/27/2014
FB Messaging

In Mine, the FB messaging feature doesn't work. When you send a message, it sends it, but when you use FB on the browser, it appears to have not been sent.

1 stars out of 5
· 3/17/2014
Not working!

I can´t text via fb with this app :( It´s not updating and not sending any texts!

1 stars out of 5
· 12/26/2013
Not accessible

The reading says ViewModel for every visual element, not overly helpful to say the least. Try Jaws to test with; free demo at!

2 stars out of 5
· 8/29/2013
Used to be the Best Facebook app available!

I used to love this app but it now crashes every time I try and send a message! Get this fixed and I will love it again! :)

2 stars out of 5
· 8/21/2013
Good app, but crashes while sending messages

I cannot send any message, on my surface rt the app crashes before the message is sent. That's a pity, it seems a good app. Great design and innovative user experience. Please fix it asap please and I'll give 5 stars.

1 stars out of 5
· 3/29/2013
No internet connection issue

I really want to use this app, but cannot even get it set up...oh well. I would pay for a great one that worked well

5 stars out of 5
· 6/15/2014
Really Good App but could use some Improvement's

Hello Everybody. I really Love this App here even if it does have a Few flaws with in it here Right now. What I really like about it Primarily is all of the Filters and Customizable Filters that it has in it here Right now. Which it really seams like No other Facebook App has ever though of this or to do this Before here. Which really let's You narrow down Your Facebook Feeds to only the Ones you are Actually Interested in. Or want to See here. While it still Yet has the Regular unfiltered Facebook feed to. There are a Few problems here thou as Well. But nothing really Major here. You can not start Conversations thru the App here. Except on You Friend's Time Lines or Walls here. So it seams Right now. But You can Continue Conversations that You have start thru other App or the Web or Mobile Web versions of Facebook here. So I have noticed here. The Share Charm really could use a little more Work here to as Well. You can not really Share everything thru the App here thou Right now.

3 stars out of 5
· 3/28/2014
Probably best not that great

If you don't wish to send facebook messages with the app, then it'll pretty much cover your facebook needs. Interface is a bit clunky and not that smooth. Plus like most Windows apps, it takes an absurd time to load up, is pretty slow to load your timeline regardless of internet speed and it crashes sometimes (every single time u try to send a message it will crash). But one of the better apps for Windows 8.0 at the moment

4 stars out of 5
· 2/26/2014
Very good, but not great.

This app is different. The design is excellent, original, and daring. I love the fact that the designer(s) stepped away from the traditional black-and-blue-on-white that all the other Facebook apps seem to use. I have one issue though. I installed this app on my quest for finding a Facebook client that would show ALL updates (something even the Facebook site can no longer achieve), and it doesn't. I still have to jump through some hoops to show what seems like different feeds, without the option to combine them. And when I compare what I see to the people hub and Facebook website, there's still posts I'd be missing out on. I'm keeping this app because (after I got used to it, since it's that different) I like the way it presents my updates, but it's not the definite Facebook app, and loses a star for that.

4 stars out of 5
· 1/22/2014
Great app!

Not just yet another Facebook web app wrapper, which is quite something! I like the fresh, albeit striking, design. It's also fast and stable. Just one missing thing: stickers.