Nevermind is an adventure thriller game in which you must explore strange worlds and solve puzzles to unlock the mystery that lurks within the inner psyche of psychological trauma survivors. Within the game, you are a Neuroprober – a unique physician who, through the use of cutting-edge technology, is able to venture into the minds of your Clients for whom traditional treatment methods have proven ineffective. Traumatic experiences, especially those left untreated, take their toll in countless ways, often triggering other serious problems as each Client's subconscious mind desperately tries to cope. As a result, their psyches doesn’t take kindly to those who attempt to peel back these layers, often prompting it to lash out in terrifying, unexpected ways. Only the most vigilant of Neuroprobers can survive the horrors of the mind to help their Client find peace at last.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Flying Mollusk

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"Twi§ted Minds"

This is such a unique & twisted game, I absolutely love it! It's not very long, but it was time well spent & I enjoyed every minute of it. The game is literally a mix of emotions. The levels are creative & interesting enough to keep you intrigued. This is one of those games where there's really no end, so a sequel or even several, would be possible. Seeing as well as they did with this one, I have faith in them.

84 out of 87 people found this helpful.

Creepy and unique

I'm a little sad that there's no VR or biofeedback support like there is on PC, but I'm still enjoying it. The game is filled with creepy levels and challenging puzzles. A cerebral horror game and an indie gem.

72 out of 79 people found this helpful.

A nice break from my RPG 's

I enjoyed this game. The puzzles are hard but if my dumb a** can figure them out... Anyways the creators of this game are very creative. Graphics are cool and spooky as crap. It kind of reminds me of that movie "The Cell." Um, sort of. Good break from Battlefield and my RPG's. Please make another one you guys!

13 out of 13 people found this helpful.

best game


25 out of 27 people found this helpful.


this isn't jump scare scary. its atmosphere scary.the game lets your imagination scare you rather than throw some generic monster at you. this game proves the mind truly is more horrifying than reality. and i love it for that 10/10. highly recommend.

11 out of 11 people found this helpful.

Puts Your Mind to the Test

While the framerate desperately needs some to feel smooth and fluid, the game is creatively complex and strives to make you struggle on what is real and not. If you have strong heart, endure this adventure and let us see if you have strong convictions.

23 out of 26 people found this helpful.

a real journey into the mind

love these types of games and this is one of the best and dealing with a very real topic. wear headphones. would love to see an expansion dlc for this down the road

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Extremely imaginative

This game has an insane level of creativity involved in its level design, with some truly unique visuals and ideas. Highly recommended!

12 out of 14 people found this helpful.


This game is what video games shoul be! unique and fearless. i need more! this game is helping me work through some of my own stuff and i deeply thank the devs for that ❤❤❤

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This game is really good. c:

10 out of 12 people found this helpful.

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