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Users who purchase this content will be able to download the following additional costume packs as they are released, for a total of 96 costumes and a new playable character: Special content included: Nyotengu Teacher Content included: Flower Costume Set (17 costumes) New Costume Set (2016/9 11 costumes) New Character (1 character, scheduled for 2016/9) New Costume Set (2016/10 35 costumes) New Costume Set (2016/11 17 costumes) New Costume Set (2016/12 16 costumes) *Release dates will be announce on the homepage and via social networks once finalized. *Release dates are subject to change without notice. * All content included in New Costume Pass 5 + Character is scheduled to be released by January 2017. Caution: *Release dates are subject to change without notice. *Content not included in New Costume Pass 5 + Character may be released during the duration of New Costume Pass 5 + Character. *For more information please visit the following website: * Costumes included in New Costume Pass 5 + Character may also be purchased individually. Please do not purchase the individual content if you have already purchased the New Costume Pass. *You must purchase the character before using this content. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round game required; sold separately. Xbox Live free membership required. Xbox Live Gold membership required for multiplayer features. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Ⓒ2012-2015 KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. & Team NINJA All rights reserved. DEAD OR ALIVE, LAST ROUND, TECMO, Team NINJA, and the Team NINJA logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. The KT logo is a registered trademark of KOEI TECMO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Akira, Sarah, Pai, Jacky characters ⒸSEGA. Virtua Fighter is either a registered trademark or trademark of SEGA Corporation.

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Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

not very creative but

seems like team ninja is just being lazy lately by using same costumes with different colors. oh well.

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Platform: Xbox

falta Marie

were is Marie Rose.

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I love DOA so I dropped the $600+ it costs to buy all of the content......... now when I want to play the game I have to wait just under 45 minutes while the game is "Checking The Content". After a few matches the game freezes and sends me back to the title screen, where I have to wait another 45 minutes for the app to "check the content". Fix this!



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