Google Play Music allows you to keep up to 20,000 of your favorite songs in the cloud. outcoldplayer (former gMusicW) is an unofficial Windows 8 client for Google Play Music. Main features are: playing music in background, playlists management, 5 starts rating system for songs, Scrobbling (enable it in application settings, "accounts" page), offline listening. You need to have a Google Play Music account to use this application. Please vote for features you want to see in next version of outcoldplayer on If you have any problems with this application check our knowledge base And follow to know about all our future plans.

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Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

## 03/16/2014 - Version 4.1.3 ### Bugs * Fix issues with application working behind proxies ## 11/23/2014 - Version 4.1.2 ### Bugs * Some songs could not be played (player showed them as 1 second length songs). * Player could loose link to for some users. * Article "The" should be ignored in titles in ordering. ## 11/23/2014 - Version 4.1.1 ### Bugs * Highly rated playlist did not show songs which are not included in Library. * Some views did not show control buttons when songs are selected. ## 11/15/2014 - Version 4.1 ### New features * Add "refresh radio" button on radio view to start radio with fresh list of songs. * Add "current queue" toolbar button. ### Bugs * Backspace button can navigate back when user is typing in search box. * Fix application crash when adding songs to queue. * Fix application crash with songs navigation. * Fix application crash when Music Library is unreachable. * Offline: cannot change song position in offline mode. * Offline: cannot show album view in offline mode. * Offline: cannot play songs in offline mode after restart.


  • Stream songs from Google Play Music
  • All Access Radio support (Search and Explore)
  • Stream to Xbox
  • Cache songs from Google Play Music and listen them when you don't have internet connection
  • Playlists managment: create/delete/rename/adding and removeing songs
  • Search by Artist, Songs, Albums, Genres, Playlists from Windows Search Charm
  • Scrobbling support (enable it in Settings->Accounts)
  • Live tiles (support wide and square tiles)
  • Rate songs (5 stars rate system)
  • Shows the recently played artists / albums/ genres / playlists on the Home screen
  • Plays in background, screen can be turned off or you can use other applications in the same time

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x64, x86
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x64, x86

Additional info

Published by
Copyright © 2013, OutcoldSolutions

Approximate download size
3.22 MB - 3.53 MB


This app can
Access your Internet connection
Use your music library

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
English (United States)

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Additional terms
outcoldplayer privacy policy
outcoldplayer license terms
You can't reverse-engineer this software. You should not disturb license terms of Google Play Music.

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Platform: PC

A bit blurry on hi-dpi systems

On my surface pro, the icons on the left sidebar and the default album cover art are slightly blurry. More hidpi assets would be nice. Finally, an option to hide the icons and logos on the left sidebar would be nice, they clutter up the otherwise beautiful UI.




Platform: PC

Great purchase

Just was is needed to help integrate the Google and Microsoft worlds together. My only hope is that they add an easier way to download entire albums, currently offline is handled by individual tracks which is a very minor gripe.




Platform: PC

Great Google Music Player

Superior to the built-in Windows 8 player. Don't know if it's because I'm used to Google Music's layout & already have my playlists setup, but compiling a list of songs in Window 8's default music-playing app is tedious beyond belief. App has been consistently updated and its competitor, GMusic, which this player used to go buy, is overpriced for something that this app does so incredibly well. Includes Songza integration. Additional fixes, I think, would be good: Ability to scroll through playlists via touchpad/mouse. Currently, it seems its only touch-scree capable, which means that if you're using a non-touchscreen laptop or secondary monitor, you'll have to use touchpad gestures to navigate the list, which is awkward and tedious when you're using a giant monitor in tandem with a small touchpad.




Platform: PC

Great, except no keyboard or media play controls

I like the execution of the app when it's the only thing open. The only problem is, this is a music player, and it doesn't play, pause, stop, or skip tracks--at least from your keyboard. That means, no matter what you're working on in another app, you have to stop what you're doing, open Outcoldplayer, and mouse-click pause, for example. Most folks have music players on in the background while they work or do something else. Having to jump into Metro and bring an app to the foreground just to skip a song is a giant fail. People have been asking for keyboard controls for months, even a simple spacebar pause feature. No answer from the developer. I wish Microsoft offered refunds on apps like Google does.




Platform: PC


I couldn't get this app working for about two weeks but they updated and it works again. I was a long time Zune user but switched to Play Music and was appalled that they didn't have a solution for global shortcut keys to control playback. This player not only provides the global shortcut capability, but refreshingly has a fast, efficient, and stable interface that kills both Zune and Play Music. Well done!




Platform: PC

Works well but lacking features

I haven't had any issues with the app but there really is very little reason to use this over Google's web interface -- save offline caching. The layout is similar and isn't very touch friendly. If you need offline caching, then this app is a good choice, otherwise I would give this a pass (for now).

2 out of 2 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Love to have new random mode.

Absolutely loving <insert application name>, just in case it changes names again! Love the new name, and the new design is fantastic. I am loving using this a lot. I'd love an easier redesigned download area, and an easier way to remove songs quicker, current method doesn't seem to be that easy to remove mass amounts of songs.

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Platform: PC

Fantastic client for Google Play All Access

Absolutely love this app -- the UI is beautiful and intuitive, and the integration with Google Play and the OS makes for a very convenient listening experience. The development team should be very proud of this product, because it showcases the capability and potential of the Windows Store App platform like few others do. There are a few minor bugs here and there, but the app is updated frequently, and with each subsequent release the product continues to mature and the overall user experience improves. Highly recommended! There is no app that I use or enjoy more, and it should be an absolute "must have" for anyone with a Google Play All Access subscription.

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Platform: PC


I love this App! This app, makes having Windows 8 worth it! I love snapping it to the side like a side bar and then being able to navigate my playlists or anything else. Super intuitive and easy to use! My only feed back is lack of skipping to the next song when in sidebar mode. Other than that, wouldn't change a thing!




Platform: PC

Great app for Google Play Music!

Solid app that is quickly maturing with frequent updates. Having offline cache is big plus for mobile devices! The interface had a major facelift with the last update, finally bringing in portrait mode for tablets. Two issues are still annoying though: it's not easy to search the Google Play catalog for new music and add it to the library (I always have to add new music on the browser before it's available on outcoldplayer). With every update, it refreshes the library database, which takes forever on my Thinkpad Tablet 2. Since the app requires internet connection to reload the library, the offline mode won't be available after an update until it's complete. It's only a minor issue but one that does come up often given the frequent app updates.



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