Perfect Scan turns you phone into a high quality portable scanner for documents, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, etc. With Perfect Scan you can quickly scan your documents and email them or upload to Skydrive, Dropbox and Google Docs as multi-page PDF-s or JPEG files. It features algorithms for automatic perspective correction and image enhancement. Our easy to use interface and lightspeed processing gets your work done in no time. Features: • Scans multi page documents • Makes industry standard PDF files • Upload scans to email, Skydrive, Dropbox and Google Documents • Automatic page detection & perspective correction: straightens your page to perfect rectangle • Image enhancement: crop, rotation, auto contract, grayscale, black & white • Adds text to document: fill out forms on your phone • Signs documents with your scanned signatures • Supports common page formats and portrait / landscape orientation • Has searchable document library • Compact attachments with adjustable size / quality We are constantly improving Perfect Scan and we value our customer opinions and feedback. We are unable to respond to comments, so please contact us at for suggestions or issue reports. Release notes: v1.7 December 16th 2011 • Skydrive support fixed v1.6 December 10th 2011 • Skydrive support • Document auto naming • Dropbox fix for document names with non-english characters v1.5 November 13th 2011 • Automatic page detection • Image import wizard (perspective correction & image enhancement) • Fix for Google Docs export v1.4 September 2nd 2011 • Fixed dropbox crash on non-US regional settings v1.3 August 29th 2011 • Fixed email export as pdf bug v1.2 August 24th 2011 • Added support for Dropbox and Google Documents v1.1 July 5th 2011 • Maximum email size increased to 20 Mb • Minor bug fixes

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OS Windows 10
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows 10
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

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Katana Labs

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Use your media library
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Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)

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Platform: Mobile

I use this app constantly to edit shots of contracts and newspaper articles. I also use it to edit photos from my WP7 since the de-skew - anti keystoning - parallax correction works great and is hard to find on other photo editing apps. Sometimes hard to launch app lately but works great when I can get it.



Mr Spleeeeeeee

Platform: Mobile

This app is super!! I have the free version and I would buy but it says it's not working or available, I have a dell venue pro. But otherwise this app is very good and fluid




Platform: Mobile

I do a lot of geneology work which means trips to the library. I have been finding pages in books and taking pictures of them with my camera. This app will take the place of the crude pictures (scans) I have been taking and also will help me keep them organized better. On top of that it neatly piles the scans into a neat pdf. Uploads to skydrive worked seemlessly and even let me create a folder from within the app to scan into. It also has dropbox functionality which will work well with my work scans. This is a really nice app that will actually improve my productivity. Good job!




Platform: Mobile

FROM DEVELOPERS SkyDrive login is failing because of change in Skydrive interface for applications. We have sent update that fixes this issue to Microsoft and it should hit marketplace early next week. Do not fall into despair as SkyDrive will start working soon :)




Platform: Mobile

I'll first agree that Skydrive integration would be great (especially since MS just released thier SkyDrive app), but the app is very capable at doing what he was intended to do. Easily compile scans (pictures) and then file, sort, save, email, or upload to a few other services. Great app!




Platform: Mobile

Works very well for scanning invoices in the field. I email my docs to retain quality. Dropbox app not available for WP7, so it's google docs for me. Edit: actually dropbox has a mobile site, so I'm going to give it a go. Keep the updates coming, SkyDrive is a must.



jthake us

Platform: Mobile

Very good app. Integration with drop box is great for scanning receipts in to one PDF and having available on PC.




Platform: Mobile

Crude scanner but functional, looking forward to SkyDrive upload.




Platform: Mobile

5 Star for sure keep the updates coming. Out performs all other scan apps 10 to1. Keep up the good work. Any negative reviews keep to your I said 5 stars for sure!!!!!!!!!!




Platform: Mobile

Fantastic app, exactly what I was looking for! So far works great on my focus.



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