Perfect Woman is a game inspired by the ubiquitous personality questionnaires featured in women’s magazines and the female roles they define. There are so many such roles emphasizing aspects of family, career, experience, sex and more. But these can not possibly characterize the depth and complexity of a woman’s life. Perfect Woman uses these stereotypes as building blocks for you to be your OWN perfect woman. The game is structured into progressive levels, each one representing a different stage in a woman’s life. Starting at the child stage, players must post in front of a Kinect to mimic various poses that appear on screen. The better a player is able to hold the pose, the more “perfect” their rating for that level. Perfect Woman features a branching decision tree which serves to create a narrative of the character’s life. Past choices may make future choices more difficult. It’s not always possible to be perfect at every stage in life, and that’s perfectly fine.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder

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Platform: Xbox

Perfect little Kinect game

Easily worth the asking price, Perfect Woman is a hilarious 1-2 hour long little game that uses the Kinect to put you in the cutsy paper doll like shoes of a "perfect" life. With unique music, art, motions, and endings for each role in every stage of your life you'll definitely want to see them all. An almost thought provoking game mechanic of early choices making further options more or less difficult makes your play throughs a little more interesting and help tie your whole perfect life together when it ultimately comes to an inevitable perfect conclusion. if you have a Kinect gathering dust and enjoy funny, unique, and interesting games I can't recommend Perfect Woman highly enough

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Genius, but game play lacking a little

I wish rating systems were more comprehensive. The game play is not great, but the concept of the game is genius. It is hard to be a good woman and this game shows it. From the beginning you are given a random set of conditions that make some roles easier and some harder, just like in life. Transitioning from one path to a diverging path is very difficult and can be near impossible to accomplish. This shows true in the game. Also, you can sometimes just skate by just by standing there. This is also true of the game. You may get a bad rating, but if you just stand-in for the role, you should be able to succeed. Great work, developers. I think the game was very thoughtful and well executed.

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Platform: Xbox


The title looks like there trying to hard I also saw the trailers. This is my own opinion of this game review.

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Platform: Xbox

how does this have 1 star

the games not even out yet and its rated 1 star im a woman and glad that there is a woman only game all you guys need to lighten up theres only girls so what it might be fun take a chance and buy it

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Platform: Xbox


the best game ever

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Platform: Xbox

have to have kinect. can not play

can not play




Platform: Xbox

sould bee free

😠👎👊 wast of$$$$

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