Project CARS: Game Of The Year Edition is the ultimate choice for serious racing fans - created by gamers, tested by real racing drivers, and the preferred choice of Esports pros. Featuring all the elements of the original core experience that made Project CARS the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet, the Game Of The Year Edition also includes an additional: • 50+ cars (125 total) • 4 tracks (35 unique locations, 100+ layouts total) • 60+ community-created liveries • 500+ features and improvements All this, plus two special and exclusive items – the iconic Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife + GP circuit and two exclusive vehicles from Pagani – the Zonda Revolucion and Huayra BC.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer- 2 to 16 players

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

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Platform: Xbox

For those looking for a true RACING game

Ok, first off...default settings are rubbish for a gamepad, no argument here. HOWEVER, the game supplies you with all the tools you need to make things handle beautifully. You simply need to be willing to look online for some preferred controller settings, and to put in a little time to get things how you want them...unlike so many who spend 5 minutes with the game, stuff their car into the barriers because of cold tires and brakes, and then immediately write the game off as trash. For those willing to put some time in, there is a LOT to like about this game. Tons of tracks, many of which I've never seen in any console game. Dynamic weather and time of day...race with ANY car, on ANY track, at ANY time, in ANY weather. It's brilliant. The car roster isn't mind-blowing, but the cars that ARE there are solid, no fluff to pad out the numbers. These are all real race cars from real racing series, or their roadgoing counterparts. No Pontiac Aztecs or Ford Pintos. It's all about the racing.

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Platform: Xbox


It is really cool like there are so many add-ons and the game is really fun. There are so many tracks and good campaign, even though not much cars. Still it's an awesome game!

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Platform: Xbox

One of the best track oriented racing sims on Xbox

The only reason it's not outright the best on Xbox is because Assetto Corsa could arguably claim that that tile. It IS better than forza at EVERYTHING except car collecting and customization, PERIOD. The best thing about this game is the driving experience, from race structure, to ability to race any track in any weather or time of day, to cockpit view, to the customizability of the contoll of your car. You can adjust conroller inputs (throttle, brake, steering...) individually. (you can even adjust the seat hight!) My only compaint here is presets aren't great. (for controller) However, I set my button mapping to Forza style, (shifting) immensely reduced steering sensitivity, and it's FINE. Like any decent sim it's optimised for a wheel, but it's fine with a controller if you adjust sensitivity. It's so sad to see this game be trashed by these people who don't know what in the world they're talking about! The only thing that could make this game better would be more updates and cars.

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Platform: Xbox

probably the worst game ever

i like the feel of it the gas is super touchy witch is awesome but its like the game cant keep up to any input you give it. it should be a mobile phone game that's 100% free that's how terrible the lag input is theres times in a race it will just lag like you are online with horrible internet this game should be took off here and banned from everywhere in the entire world i would have rather spent my money on stupid cell phone games vs this and Im completely against all phone games probably the biggest waste of money EVER

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great game

i just bought this game and i love it, unlike the other racing game slike forza or gran tur. you actually creat a driver and sign contracts to race in other classes. if you enjoy solo carrer in racing this would be a game i recommend. from graphics to qualifying and pits to actual racing is something ive been looking for other than nascar and f1, which are good games but you dont get to race gt,gt2 ect. i say give it go, purchase now you get all 29 dlcs for 30 bucks. cant beat that, not to meantion the all the custom features you can set like controller settings,throttle,brake ect. as well as ai difficulty is on a scale from 0-100 same with laps, tire wear fuel consumption. its prettty detailed. second best game behind asseto corsa.




Platform: Xbox

controlling cars sucks

get forza instead

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