Q*bert is Back @!#?@! One of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful arcade games of the 1980s is back in its Classic pixel perfect 2D form, and a re-imagined Rebooted version with state of the art 3D game-play and graphics that remain faithful to the original concept. Both versions are exciting twitch games requiring keen puzzle solving skills and logic. Exclusive to Xbox One: enhanced gameplay, 5 new playable characters, and an all-new soundtrack from EDM superstar EnV!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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LOOT Interactive, LLC

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Platform: Xbox

1980's Classic Game

I remember playing this game in 1983 at the age of 11 years old..gotta love the 1980's

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Platform: Xbox


As a long time Q*bert fan I was really excited about this but after 10 minutes of play my enthusiasm plummeted as quickly as my Q*berts did playing Rebooted. The frustrating controls really made me want to jump off a pyramid too, so perhaps all of my accidental suicides were actually just a sad cry for help. As bad as Rebooted was, I was still excited about the original arcade port... until I played it. While the controls were better (which begs the question: why change them for Rebooted?), this 30+ year old game chokes on the Xbox One, causing horrible slow down that often resulted in missed inputs and left me jumping the wrong direction, usually to my death. The lack of screen size adjustment coupled with side art that quickly burned into my screen, not to mention no dip switch settings, had me digging out an old MAME version just to get the memory of this mistake out of my head. I wish I had a time machine, not to go back and play the original, but to stop myself from buying this...

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Platform: Xbox

clueless bert

This is not at all how I remembered playing QBERT👎👎👎 😠😢 Someone please send over the Dreamcast version."Now there's some QBERT love for ya!!

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Vash Z808

Platform: Xbox

Two Q*berts in one!

The developers obviously did not test out the game before they released it for the Xbox One. Q*bert does not respond well on the Xbox controller. Wait for a patch to fix this glaring issue before you spend $10.00 on this broken game.

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Platform: Xbox

Love this game!!

I remembered breaking atleast 5 NES Controllers back my day. Controllers were VERY cheap back then. Only problem I have is the music, bleh.

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PS Nite Nite

Platform: Xbox

~Blast 2 The Past~

A fun intriguing puzzler though suffers from controller issues yet instill is 5 stars in my eyes!

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Platform: Xbox

movement and controller dont work well together


9 out of 12 people found this helpful.



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