The year is 1986. Cold War leaders Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been kidnapped by militant extremists. Once rivals, now they must cooperate… or die. Armed only with their fists and samurai swords and poison darts and pistols and shotguns and fully automatic assault rifles and grenade launchers and miniguns and bazookas some other guns – sneak, slash or shoot your way through an army of mercenaries. Save the world from nuclear apocalypse. Reagan Gorbachev is a top-down action stealth game for one or two players (local co-op.) Features: - 32 levels of deadly mayhem. - Play your own style: Guns blazing, stealth, speed run, strategist - Best time leaderboards - Local co-op. Teach your friends what really happened in 1986.

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Xbox One

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hilarious co-op fun

i will admit i haven't played it single player, but i did beat the game with a friend in co-op. Recommended for 2 players that can tolerate each others frustration.

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This is one of those game where it goes by faster if you play with a friend. Otherwise its just trial and error to get through the stages. Its not a bad game but its initial charm wears off after a while. Oh and expect to die a lot.

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Great Co-op Game

In a sad, dark world where co-op games are rarely made, Regan Gorbachev shines as a beacon of hope!🎮🤝🏼🎮

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I haven't played Hotline Miami but from what I've seen of that game, this reminds me of it. I'm sure there's been more than a few Hotline Miami clones since it's release and this is one of them. I don't particularly love this game, but I do enjoy some of it and it's a game that my diehard Republican friend loves to play. So...yeah. `

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Die way to easy

I like the idea but the fact that you die after one hit is bs. I bet the enemies could probably sneeze on you and kill you. I dont see how you can enjoy this game when you can die this easy. Until you implament a health system into the game yall get two stars, otherwise I want my money back because this has been a WASTE.

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