The Rock Band™ Rivals Expansion Pack includes new features for Rock Band 4, including: • The all-new Rivals Mode: an asynchronous multiplayer mode in which individual players join up remotely as members of Crews to compete in a stats battle with other Crews around the world. • Rockudrama: A dynamic narrative campaign mode that pulls you through a twisting, funny, and sometimes tragic story of *your* band’s history and triumph over adversity. • This expansion also sets you up to receive free ongoing content updates leading into 2017, including: o Synchronous Online Multiplayer this Holiday o Additional character customization options o Other new features

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox


best game in the series and the rockodrama adds on to a already greay campagin mode:but makes it 100 times better. plus the ability to play past and present dlc also a nice addition. by far the best music game for all systems.



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