Hi, this is Seymour again, your personal concierge! I have some great news to share with you. Did you know that I've been featured as one of the top 3 Lifestyle apps by Microsoft? Not only that, I also have some new abilities: + Bing maps! Yay!!! With maps and directions, I’ll show you how to get to the places that I recommend to you. + You can also ask me for more places that match your tastes in food, drink, and fun. Just click on the “see more” card at the end of the results sequence. Remember that: - I'm here to help you find places whenever you're on the go. - I'll give you recommendations tailored to your personal tastes. The more you tell me, the better I’ll know you and the better the recommendations will get! - I've also read a ton of reviews on local places. I'll show you a summary of what's good and what's bad about any place that I know. I'm here to save you time and help you make decisions about where to go! Also: + My creators tell me facebook integration and a lot more cool stuff are coming soon! + Please rate me on the market place if I am doing a good job Enjoy! Yours truly, - Seymour

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Mobile device

Mobile device

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OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM

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Clever Sense Inc.

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9.26 MB

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English (United States)

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Platform: Mobile

Great I just wish it would show more restaurants and that it search's farther for a restaurant and you should be able to choose what type of restrauraut you want to search for.




Platform: Mobile

This app is sick! I live in NY (5 boroughs) so there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. I can see this app not working too great if you live in the "sticks". I'm not trying to be funny but it's just the reality of these types of apps. I like the way this app filters the results and even gives each place a score (really just a % of how seymore thinks you'll like the selection). It's also cool how it pulls reviews from all over the place. This app loads fast and gives results within the distance I chose. I see plenty of places I've been to already and plenty of new places to try. If your results aren't great you have to take into account your search criteria and your location. Yelp works great for me in NY because I live in a city but when I went to GA it was useless. The same thing applies here.




Platform: Mobile

Put in easy searches like "sushi" and "Thai" and it gives me results from all over the country, none of which were within 20 miles of me even though there are dozens nearby. Made sure my location info setting was on. Worthless. Thank goodness its a free trial. Uninstalling.




Platform: Mobile

I REALLY want to like this app, but it's making it tough. When I search for vegetarian restaurants, for example, why does it list places with great burgers and steaks, for example? And why, when I search for a dinner spot that serves spagetti, does it show me places "similar to" a restaurant 3000 miles away from me, instead of showing me the Spagetti House I know is 4 miles away from me??? How am I supposed to know what that place is like? Frustrating.




Platform: Mobile

This app works but it would work even better in a city.




Platform: Mobile

Great interface, love the summary reviews. All on one page: hours, number (w click to call), address, etc. This just might be my favorite app now




Platform: Mobile

In concept this is a great little app. Unfortuntely, it crashes often, normally when looking for more detailed information on a eatery. Too bad, I've seen simular apps on other platforms but few of them are as complete as Seymour.




Platform: Mobile

Had the exact opposite experience of the guy below. Suggestions are 5 for 5 so far and makes finding new places really easy. I like the integration of website pics highly rated menu items, ability to map and get directions and call all within the restaurant's individual page.



Jeff Daly

Platform: Mobile

It might be an issue with expectations, but I wanted this app to be more like Siri - Your Personal Assistant. I was so bummed when Apple bought that company b/c I knew it meant no WinMo/Pho version. Seymour didn't realize that wish for me. The app is aesthetically pleasing and has good basic functionality. I'm hoping to see more growth.




Platform: Mobile

Really awesome app! Creative UI is both innovative and a tad confusing, hence why not a perfect score. Overall highly recommended over other "near me" apps.



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