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Get creative with live effects. While recording a new video, swipe on the viewfinder to scroll through 7 fun new effects to change your look. You can even switch effects while recording.

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2 stars out of 5
· 2/3/2016
Needs work...

Good app, nice design, but push notifications don't work and messages don't always arrive... Please fix I really like this app.

4 stars out of 5
· 1/11/2016

I want to say its a must have app and give it the five stars but I can't. Great, fluid app that works well for what it says. Quick video messaging. But this app needs to go in a direction soon. Needs: -Text. -Send pictures not just videos. -Notifications. -Mood messages or story. Other than that great app just needs more features and fix notifications.

4 stars out of 5
· 5/11/2015

Lumia 635- start out recording, and hit send from the intro page. Fast, easy, easy,and fast. Did I mention easy? Go for it. If you're sending a video to a potential BF or GF, edits and re-records are...EASY! Wtg Skype. Don't need to be a Skyper to install or use Qik. impressed.

2 stars out of 5
· 4/17/2015

Really needs a LOT of work... Does the "Skype" name wrong. Not a fluid and consistent experience. Nevermind the poor quality... Some videos fail to send. Sent videos are not loaded if the account/number switches phones - creates double entries for those contacts. Oh and a whole lotta "oops, camera isn't working" msgs. Really like the idea of this app - especially with no Snapchat, but the Qik team needs some help.

4 stars out of 5
· 4/8/2015

I use this app daily with my girlfriend. It's a great concept, and really fun. Sometimes the app is slow to resume, and new message notifications don't always work.

2 stars out of 5
· 2/12/2015

Pretty darn bad. Great app that could show promise, but lets me down by being more attractive and feature-worthy on the other two major platforms. Constantly crashes. Loads of white, blank screens on the HTC One M8 for Windows on T Mobile. Resume times and start times are unacceptably slow and make a mockery out of this OS and show that certain APIs aren't effective when used--even when the developer is the same as the creator of the OS. Fun to use when it works, video quality is great when it works, great UI that I wish I could see more of , but alas -- I spend more time looking at blank screens, the loading and resuming animations, the multitasking pane when trying to kill it and restart it, and my hands when I bury my face in them in complete disbelief that a company can be so compartmentalized that one part doesn't know what the other is doing. The end result is this unstable app that runs like a dream on competitors Android and iOS, but crawls, crashes, and screeches like a rusty burning dumpster fire.

1 stars out of 5
· 1/24/2015

Good, simple design. Very buggy. Have to restart multiple times after I get a camera error message. Otherwise, I like it. Also, it has problems resuming. Lumia 822. White screen after selecting a conversation. Crashes too much to be useful.

1 stars out of 5
· 1/14/2015

Notifications don't work. Fix and update this to be better than the other versions on competing operating systems! 12/21 -Notifications don't work after update. It also constantly gives me (and others) an error saying "Something went wrong with the camera". Closing does not fix the issue. 1/14/15 Notifications still don't show. App crashes on launch

4 stars out of 5
· 1/9/2015

I will bump this up to 5 stars the moment you add the ability to take a picture as well as add filters, maybe even text or emoji to the picture/video. Just a suggestion! Also no lock screen notification? Live tile counter?

3 stars out of 5
· 12/19/2014

I love the idea of the app but it is really unstable. It takes forever to load the app and videos sometimes never send. Notifications are often days late. Please make it stable! Also, on the main page in the upper white space it shows that the front facing camera is always on, before I start a video. This is CREEPY! Make it stop!

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