Slacker Radio is all about reconnecting you to what makes radio great. Our team of curators have built hundreds of stations that will deliver the hits, surprise you, and keep you completely looped in to what's happening in the worlds of music, news and entertainment. Our hosts will keep you company along the way, including guest-commentators ranging from John Legend to Tyler Oakley to Florida Georgia Line. While we start with an expert team of curators who create exceptional stations, the final music flow is dictated by the songs and artists that you "heart" and "ban." This interactivity even extends into news and sports programming from ABC, ESPN and more. Listen free for as long as you like or upgrade to a Slacker subscription for ad-free listening, unlimited song skips, offline play and on-demand access to your favorite songs, albums and artists. Slacker Radio. Radio that listens to you.

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mobile device

mobile device

Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

• Verizon subscriber’s can set their favorite music as Ringback Tones for their family and friends* • Various bug fixes and performance improvements *Requires subscription to Slacker Radio Tones

System Requirements

OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM
Touch Integrated Touch
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM
Touch Integrated Touch

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Slacker Inc.

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2.96 MB - 10.66 MB


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Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use your media library
Use your device network services
Access your browser
Use your contacts
Use your location
Use your music
Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
Use devices that support Near Field Communication (NFC) services
Send push notifications
Use the media items that are currently playing
Use your device’s speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) services
Use your microphone
Use the photos in your media library
Use information about your device
Use your phone

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)

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Platform: Mobile

What a lousy business model

Even being a premium subscriber is a drag using the win phone app. It just feels like a struggle to use any of the features I am paying for. For example caching an album, I need to mark the album for download, then 'refresh albums', then 'refresh playlist' and maybe it will download, usually takes a couple of tries. And there is no auto refresh of stations at night. I just don't understand how a business could be run so poorly. When I used the android app it was a bit smoother but always had problems with bluetooth. I have stuck with them for so long because of the UK stations. However it looks like they are not interested in producing a decent product. Time to give Spotify a try.




Platform: Mobile

Little choice or control, just tells you to upgrade to premium like any con job. Suggestion: Do not con, just spell out the options and respect your costumers.

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Platform: Mobile

Must Subscribe To listen

Really upset that it was broken for a long time. They fix it so it was going good for a while and now no longer free to listen back to the drawing board!




Platform: Mobile

No Longer Free on Windows 10

Great app that I used almost every day. Today it cut in with a special announcement: "Hate to break it to you, but you will no longer be able to use the free app on your device. Upgrade to premium or go to slacker". This is quite disappointing since I believe it's still free on Android and iOS. I have a message of my own for Slacker: "Hate to break it to you, but I'm deleting your app and switching to Spotify."

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Platform: Mobile

Help crashes since anniversary Update

This is my favorite app but it crashes intermittent since last update. Only way to fix is reinstall.

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Platform: Mobile

Only a matter of time

Slacker now prevents you from listening for free on Windows mobile...I'm done with them, moving to Spotify

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Platform: Mobile

No longer supported on WP 10

As of 9/8/16 free version no longer supported on WP 10. Need to upgrade or sign in on website. Fail!!

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Platform: Mobile

This is trialware

While the app doesn't nag you to purchase the upgrade and there is no time limit for using the app it's very clear they want you to subscribe to the service. The app stops playing after one or two songs, then you have to hit the play button again. I had considered purchasing a subscription, but if this us how the app functions I'll just drop the app and service altogether.

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Platform: Mobile

I love slacker radio but since the new update I have not been able to login. I keep getting kicked out and getting a message say I need to login in at but even that ain't helpful. HELP!!!

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Platform: Mobile

Windows 10 issues

I've been a Premium subscriber for many years. I've loved this app forever. It's the best music app for my needs. The app isn't functioning properly with my Lumia 950. The song won't display via Bluetooth when it changes, and lately the app will only play one song, then stops playing, regardless of wether the app is open, closed, or running in the background. I hope there's a fix soon.

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