Do you talk in your sleep? Maybe, but now you can find out! Sleep Recorder uses microphone to capture audio and saves the recording if there is any voice. It won't record silence or noise. Some people talk occasionally, some every night. Are you afraid of revealing deep secrets? Or are you missing brilliant ideas and solutions you dream about? Or are you just looking for rock solid evidence that your husband/wife/partner snores? With Sleep Recorder, you can - Record your or your partner's sleep talk during the night - Map out the places you have recordings with the Maps feature-- only to display on your phone. This information is not shared or posted online. (your location is not shared or posted anywhere) - Upload a link of the recording to the cloud and share with friends and family. - Get quality recordings by placing your phone close to your bed. - Adjust microphone sensitivity. - Enjoy, share and have fun with your sleep talks! What Others Say about Sleep Recorder: "Cute app I share a room with my two year old I downloaded it to hear her talking in her sleep turns out when she does I usually respond lol its a fun app." "Really cool! I found out I laugh in my sleep." "Very Neat. Works well." "Its fun!!!!" Since it does audio capturing whole night the process is battery consuming. It consumes 30-40% of the battery for a night. Therefore we suggest you to plug-in the charger while recording. The closer the phone to you the better sound quality you will get.The application runs under the lock screen so just start recording and leave the phone as it is. Sweet dreams and speak freely while sleeping. :) Note: Location information is not shared anywhere. It is just used to map...

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mobile device

mobile device

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OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

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1.89 MB

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Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use information about your device
Use your location
Use your media library
Use your microphone
Use your device network services
Use your phone
Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
Access your browser

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)

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Platform: Mobile

Fun to listen the snore.

Is fun ti listen after and can give you a good insight on your sleeping habits, but one thing is not very good (for now). This app is preventing the alarm to ring in the morning, so that is a big inconvenience for me.




Platform: Mobile

Sometimes records at random times but otherwise a great app to find out what you say if you talk in your sleep.




Platform: Mobile

If this works like what I have been reading, I am in for some entertaining days ahead! I speak quite well in my sleep !

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Platform: Mobile

Works like a charm! Does exactly what it says it does and compresses the entire night of sounds into a neat little one to three minute clip. Also has a neat feature, when you turn it on you can set it to start at an amount of time later, like 30 minutes which coincides with my sleep timer. Just love it.

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Platform: Mobile

Appears to Cause My Alarm to Fail

In testing, My alarms are silenced when this app is recording. A toast alert will still display when phone is unlocked. Leaving app running but not set to record seems not to trigger. May be issue with how microphone is accessed in W10Mobile. May or may not be isolated to Insider build 10586.71 as this is first time I've properly isolated the cause of intermittent alarm issues.

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Platform: Mobile

I really enjoy this app. It is very easy to use. I have been told by my spouse I talk in my sleep so I thought it would be really interesting.




Platform: Mobile

Records ok, but locks up quite a bit during play back, and where, exactly, is the 'cloud' it trys but fails to upload to.....and if it ever does upload how do I access it?????

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Platform: Mobile

By default it will take 2(1/2) min to start recording.. If you move to other app it won't start recording.. This will not run background...




Platform: Mobile

I dont know what to do after I record it I tried it did not work




Platform: Mobile

Only used a few times, now will not open



Developer comment · responded on