A trivia quiz game with a unique twist! Do you enjoy playing puzzle and trivia games that help increase your knowledge? Would you like to play a game that combines them both? Then why not download Smart Q45! Smart Q45 is focused towards learning and fun, engaging users to broaden their own knowledge on all sorts of interesting topics and trivia and challenging users to seek the answers to questions in the most efficient way. In Smart Q45, players must guess what the hidden image at the bottom is by answering as many questions on the top before the time runs out. Get a question right and one of the bottom tiles will be cleared, revealing a part of the hidden image but get it wrong and you will lose a life. The game is over when you either lose all of your lives or run out of time. The faster you can identify the hidden image to complete the level, the higher your score becomes and the more points you earn! You can use these points to access physical items via the game's online store. Stuck? Then why not get a hint for the hidden image, clear a random tile at the bottom or eliminate one answer in gameplay? Challenge your friends in an unlimited amount of questions (with more being added every day) Smart Q45 will keep you engaged and improve your knowledge!! FEATURES: -Global Leaderboards for the top 100 players -Over 165 levels (with more levels coming soon) -Unique gameplay -In App Purchases (Windows Phone 8 Only) -Achievements -Social Sharing COMING SOON: -Multiplayer -Category/Topic Challenge (with over 50 categories) -Opportunity for you, the players to submit their own questions

Playable on

mobile device

mobile device

Version notes

Version number:

- Minor Improvements - More questions added We are continually improving your Smart Q45 experience so please look forward to the next update

System Requirements

OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

Additional info

Published by
Codeexceptional Ltd

Approximate download size
18.32 MB

Puzzle & trivia

Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use your media library
Use your device network services
Send push notifications
Access your browser

In-app purchases
$1.29 - $16.99

Install on your Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
English (United Kingdom)

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Platform: Mobile

Excellent puzzle game

4 out of 4 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile



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