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Blast fiends by spelling words and collect gold dropped by slain monsters. Buy more powerful wands, hats and robes with magical special effects and abilities. Power through tough encounters and bossfights with health potions, spell scrolls and other magical items. Will you reach the top of the Spellspire, and what will you find? Features: - Exciting mashup of word game and action role playing game - Pick letters to spell words, words are blasted at monsters as spells - Collect gold and upgrade your gear between levels - Use consumable magical items to push through tough encounters

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Great 4 Casual Spellers. Nightmare 4 Achievements.

*****SPOILER HEAVY REVIEW***** 1. ***ACHIEVEMENT HUNTERS*** NOT a quick easy completion like Letter Quest:Grimms Journey. 2. At first there are 100 levels to complete, twice so 200. They gradually get harder as you go on and need to keep an eye on what hurts specific monsters best and so on when choosing and upgrading your gear, hence the actual RPG aspect of the game as its not just a simple stupid spelling game as Grimm was, its a bit more in depth than that. 3. After completing the 100th floor you are sent to the dungeon.. which metaphorically for you; lives up to its name. Level 1 here, not as simple as Level 1 in the tower. Level 1 in the dungeon you have to complete 3 objectives and kill about 50+ enemies VERY quickly(this will be EXTREMELY difficult even if you cheat) and you have to do this 5 times and what will that get you(The completion of the dungeon????)No. That'll grant you access to dungeon Level 2.... Dungeon Level 1 is 100x harder than Tower Level 100. I promise.

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Apparently, words CAN hurt you...

UPDATE: Upon beating the 100th floor I unlocked an underground dungeon. From the achievement list it looks like this dungeon goes on for awhile. Each floor has objectives to complete instead of just killing all the monsters like the original 100 floors. You'll also be forced to replay each dungeon multiple times to unlock all the objectives... which makes me almost want to lower my rating lol. So there are 100 floors, i think, and on each floor you are given 10 random letters. The objective: spell words to kill enemies. Bigger the word the more damage you deal. Now, you have a limited time during each fight to spell enough words to kill your enemies. You can only use a word once per floor... so strategy becomes crucial as you need to save the bigger words for harder enemies. You get money on each floor which is used to upgrade equipment or purchase new equipment. It becomes necessary to upgrade since enemies become harder to kill. Rinse and Repeat til you beat the game. Good Luck!!!

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place holder

Servers are down you cant install anything TwT you dont 1 star games for that people are dumb

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Still updates, solid game

Fantastic game that had one achievement that was way too grindy, then the developers changed it so it wasn't as insane. Nice to see people that are able to make changes!

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best game ever

wont download

it won't install.....

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Error with install

Will not install

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