This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more – all while trying to survive. Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Unknown Worlds Entertainment

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8.97 GB

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Platform: Xbox

great game...

fun, even addicting game, in about 8 hrs without realizing it, does it have problems definitely mostly really bad fps drops keep in mind the game is not finished but still great, lots to do, I cant wait to see what the development team has in-store for us😆



D00M DUDE 643

Platform: Xbox

Great potential

this is the second game preview i have besides Ark and i love it, although it needs some work on frame rate and render. Also some more leathal weapons are needed to deal with the creatures of the deep such as a precurser pulse rifle or something like that. But definitely explosive torpedos




Platform: Xbox

very bad fps

The frames are a very bad at all times when you explore alot. They also drop to unplayable when you pilot any vechicles. I also find it hard to find some blueprint fragments because some are miles away from the first you've found. This game needs optimized badly.

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Platform: Xbox


I loved this game 17 hrs gametime but lost that love because glitches i would fall throgh the water and walk like i was on land freeze and frames it got beter updates but stil needs improvements get it if you like surviviel games and dont mind bugs dont get if you hate bugs and like high frames

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Z0mbiebooger 2

Platform: Xbox

Loved it

Thanks to IGP (Indiegamepromoter) im now addicted. This game has come so far keep up the good work and cant wait to so see the final product

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Platform: Xbox


I think this game is so cool and just amazing because of the fact that its a futuristic underwater survival game and although its still in early access mode i love it and its been my favorite game sense i watched a video of it by jacksepticeye back in april of 2015 and my jaw just hit the floor because it was just amazing anyway great job under worlds entertainment u guys r the best and keep up the good work : D

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Platform: Xbox

Subnautica You get what you pay for.

Subnautica is the first game I've ever paid for that wasn't a finish game. The thought of paying for an incomplete game seemed sorry to say it this way stupid. But I thought I'd risk it with this one. I love this game the price felt right, the game hasn't let me down, and for chills no game has filled me with more dread then this one. Is the game perfect? No it is not but I've never seen any modern game that is. Graphic errors are to be found in games., that is the norm in the world. But I look pass that in big name company games beause I know not ever bug can be caught. Why is it I give this game so high praise, it's filled with super bad bugs. Because it's not finished and even if it where all in all it's fun to play and that to me has always been my over all focus when buying a game did I enjoy it for the price I paid, and yes I did Ithink it should be 29.99 but that's not my point I eagerly suggest people to buy this game you wont be sorry about money spent here. M.A.W

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Platform: Xbox

Fun, but frame drops and render distance is too jarring

I played the steam version so I know the potenial of this addicting game. I really like this game and the fact that it came to the Xbox. However, the rendering distance and framerate are just too distracting to be fully immersive. I really hope that they improve this and there are plans in the work for future updates so I will have hope. I'd recommend it for those that like exploring a vast dangerous world set with loot designed to give you just what you need to make your perfect high tech base. Once you dive in just be prepared to be hooked.

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Sleep in desk

Platform: Xbox

Almost unplayable

This game has so many problems that they should not charge people for this game. They take so long to update this game and when they do it often makes more problems than it fixes. I spent hours making my base to have it get ruined in an update because I cant open a bulkhead to leave my base or even delete the bulkhead. The framerate in this is horrible especially in the subs. I know the game is in "Preview" meaning its not finshed, but they really push that beyond the limted, ARK is in preview and I never ran into any of the problems this game has. The thing that hurts most and saves it , is its potental, they should have kept it off the store for longer to make it playable and not feel like i am getting robbed of $20, but I do have some hope for this game which is the only reason its not 1 star rating for me, but that hope is fading everytime I play. Do Not Buy In Curent State!!

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Platform: Xbox

Minecraft survival underwater

Pretty fun game. Lots to gather & build, and the more you build, the more there is to explore. I hope they add more story and multiplayer and/or coop. Great underwater vistas, just want more and better polish and this game could be great instead of just good.

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