The Jackbox Party Pack 4

The Jackbox Party Pack 4

Jackbox Games, Inc



The biggest and fourthiest addition to this storied party game franchise features not five but FIVE AND A HALF crowd-slaying games! 1) The blanking fun sequel Fibbage 3 (2-8 players). Play all-new question types and the game mode Fibbage: Enough About You (3-8 players). Guess the weird facts about your friends. 2) The web-based frame game Survive the Internet (3-8 players). Twist your friends’ “online” comments in hilarious ways. 3) The spooky date-a-thon Monster Seeking Monster (3-7 players). Message and date fellow monsters with special powers. 4) The deranged debate match Bracketeering (3-16 players). Place smart bets on stupid arguments. 5) The one-up art game Civic Doodle (3-8 players). Compete to improve the town murals. Play using your phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed! Plus EVEN MORE features just for streamers! NOTE: The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is in English only. NOTE: The game is local multiplayer but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players.

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Jackbox Party Pack delivers again!

For starters- This is a party game you play with a group (4+ recommended) of people on your smart phones! Seriously! You play on your phones! If you have the other packs, why haven't you got this one yet? If you've never tried these, get them for your next party or get-together... they're f%#@ing great! Fibbage 3 is another awesome edition of "can you tell who's lying?", if you're good at spotting the lie, its great. ***** Survive the Internet- bobbles comments with questions, funny if your friends are clever. **** Monster Seeking Monster- 3 chances to message whoever you choose in the group. Didn't care for this one much. * Bracketeering- make an argument, choose a side, bet on who wins. Fun in small doses. **** Civic Doodle- Drawing game where you choose who has the best improvements. Hilarious! Best game on here in my opinion! ******

17 out of 18 people found this helpful.

Another solid pack of great party games

Whenever I have guests, we play Jackbox. Jackbox is love. Jackbox is life. I'm excited to see several new titles in this pack. It'll be entertaining for (likely) years to come.

16 out of 20 people found this helpful.

4th game is lackluster

The games in this pack just are not fun. Monster seeking Monster was awkward to play with my family because who wants to date your father in law, freaking weird. We ended up going back to pack 3 and had a much better experience even though we played that pack a bunch already. Pack 4 gets 2 stars just for fibbage. Save your money!

52 out of 85 people found this helpful.

Best drawing game yet

laughed so hard with my family playing civic doodle. survive the internet is also great

2 out of 2 people found this helpful.

the goat himself


16 out of 30 people found this helpful.

Great for parties!

Many good times will be had with friends!

8 out of 14 people found this helpful.

Party games done right!

Super fun games to play with your dear friends 👍

9 out of 17 people found this helpful.

always ready for a party


5 out of 12 people found this helpful.

Fibbage 3 Freezing!

Its real fun with friends right up until the game freezes! Happened twice mid game.

cant give it less than one star

fibbage was the only game worth playing. everything else was not fun. i wish i never bought this "fun" "game". 💩💩💩😠😠😠♻

4 out of 32 people found this helpful.

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