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Thank you all for your feedback - we’ve made a number of bug fixes: - Restoring functionality of tab button for keyboard users to cycle through clues - Fix to reduce scaling issues and prompts to expand the view screen - note: to optimize scaling, if you rotate the app in tablet mode, we may hide the virtual keyboard; in desktop mode we hide the virtual keyboard if you resize the window - Fix to reduce incidence of clue/puzzle being hidden behind keyboard - Virtual keyboard keys are restored to white lettering - Many mentioned that the ability to pin the daily puzzle took too much space in the daily puzzle page; we’ve minimized this functionality which can now be found by clicking on the ellipse in the lower right corner of the daily puzzle page Again, we appreciate all your feedback to make this a better app. If you continue to experience crashes do not hesitate to email us at Fun fact: The most used word in the paper’s puzzle? “Era” appears in about 5.9% of all crossword puzzles in the The New York Times.


  • Play Anywhere - Your subscription now gives you access to The Crossword on at no additional charge!
  • Daily Puzzle - It’s the same puzzle that’s printed every day in The New York Times newspaper.
  • Pen - Solve the way crosswords were meant to be solved: write directly on the puzzle as you would in the newspaper with your Surface Tablet
  • Puzzle Archive - Enjoy over 20 years of classic puzzles from our archives.
  • Modern Puzzle Features - Solve puzzles that include new tricks like rebuses, highlighted or underlined squares, and more!

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4 stars out of 5
· 7/18/2016
Great fun, especially on Surface Pro 4!

This is a great crossword app. I really like that the subscription works across devices (Windows, iOS and Android) however I would LOVE it if the game progress could be saved to the cloud so that if you start a puzzle on one device you could pick up another device and be at the same place. Also on my wishlist would be the ability to play with another player (on another device but under the same subscription) on the same puzzle. For example when I travel I would love to be able to play the same puzzle with my wife. Thanks for a fun app!!

1 stars out of 5
· 7/13/2016

It starts, shows the puzzle, then shuts down. Please update and make it work.

4 stars out of 5
· 7/12/2016
Better, but still a little buggy

The tab key is working now, and the subscription problem is fixed. However, I get anywhere from 6-10 notifications in a row when a new puzzle is ready to download and solve, and the archive is still unreliable. Some puzzles from previous years will download, but if I try to launch them the app exits.

5 stars out of 5
· 7/9/2016
Update:I used to do the puzzle everyday and now I can't

The new update 1.4.3 appears to have fixed my issues. Thanks. Original review: With the latest app update there are two bugs I have seen. 1) The alert that the new puzzle comes daily happen 3 times at about 30 sec intervals. Why 3 times? 2) This wouldn't be so annoying if not for the second bug which is that the puzzle won't even open. The current day's puzzle won't open. When I click on it, it says I must maximize the window when it is already maximized. Other puzzles open fine. It is only for the most recent puzzle. Contacting New York Times help was worthless. They suggested I log in and out again. I'll have to find a new app for the puzzle.

2 stars out of 5
· 7/5/2016
Latest version removed pen support for Surface Pro 4

When I paid for the crossword subscription, this app was fun to use on the Surface Pro 4 because it offered full support for the Surface Pen. The version upgrade has killed that. Now it behaves like the web version, which lacks the functionality I liked in the app. You can't write with the pen or use its eraser. It doesn't work at all in tablet mode, because there's no input method. So you can't work the crossword puzzle while comfortably sitting on the couch, or with a cup of coffee in one hand. The user experience was the main reason I paid for a subscription. Customer support by phone was no help whatsoever previously when I called because the previous version suddenly stopped working. My email to customer support was ignored - until I wrote a review! Access to the crossword puzzle is good - except the initial screen wrongly says my subscription has expired and forces several extra clicks- settings, account, login. The app needs another tune-up.

The New York Times responded on 7/6/2016

Hi Barbara - Sorry you've been experiencing issues here. We had a backend bug that was not saving your subscriber status but that SHOULD be fixed now - please verify you are still seeing this. Also the Surface Pen is working for us in both tablet and desktop mode where we can write or erase. Does your pen work with other apps? We'd like to more fully troubleshoot this with you - do you have the latest Windows 10 update?

1 stars out of 5
· 7/4/2016
Can't see all of puzzle

Something changed and now if I use the onscreen keyboard the bottom half of the puzzle can't be seen.

2 stars out of 5
· 7/2/2016
No longer supports stylus

In the trial version I used my stylus - loved it! I enjoyed doing the puzzle with my stylus and tablet ... just like using a pen and paper. Now that I have purchased a 1 year subscription, the app has changed and my stylus no longer works! I cannot find any assistance from the NY Times and I am frustrated beyond belief! I never would have purchased this subscription if I knew that my experience would change so negatively.

The New York Times responded on 7/6/2016

Sorry that you're having issues - we haven't been able to recreate this bug and would love more feedback so we can troubleshoot - can you email us at and let us know a) are you writing in the app or on the web/browser page with your pen b) which tablet you are using c) which pen you are using d) are you able to use the pen on other apps and which ones? e) which version of Windows 10 are you using

2 stars out of 5
· 6/30/2016
"Improvements" Aren't

Slicker than Across Lite, but now current puzzle will only open in tablet mode and when "pinned to start" the tile is invisible. Earlier versions worked fine, but improvements are moving in the wrong direction.

4 stars out of 5
· 6/30/2016
I Spoke Too Hastily (Bait and Switch - Beware!!)

I enjoyed the App in its trial version. While on the trial version, you could download the daily and past crosswords and work on them at your convenience. All was great and I purchased a one year subscription. Then the offline access ceased. Update 06/30/2016 I received an email this morning (in Africa) that said they had fixed a "back end" problem caused by a recent update. So far, the App seems to be back to the way it was and is usable offline. As it stands now, I will give it a four star rating if the offline accessibility remains. Still some minor issues with using the online keyboard on the Surface Pro 4 and not seeing the bottom line of the puzzle but it is a minor annoyance. Kudos to NY Times IT department that responded so quickly to my email complaint. Then - nothing!! The only way to access the crosswords is online. No more stored crosswords to solve offline. Now, no Wi-Fi - no crosswords.

1 stars out of 5
· 7/7/2016

NY Times notified me by email that they no longer support this app. So, don't waste your time installing it and definitely don't waste you money subscribing. Update - here is the exact email sent to me by NYT support: Thank you for contacting The New York Times. We are longer supporting the Windows Tablet app, as our website offers a more complete New York Times experience than the app on your Windows device. We’ve made the decision to concentrate on delivering you the best possible experience through our website and other apps. Please be aware that you may continue to access NYT content via a browser on your Windows tablet device.

The New York Times responded on 7/8/2016

Thank you for the update. To clarify - we are supporting the New York Times Crossword App, but not the New York Times news app. A new version of the Crossword app (version 1.4.3) is being released today, July 8, 2016. For any specific crossword issues, please contact us at: