The Telltale Games Collection

The Telltale Games Collection

Telltale Games
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$55.00 +
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This bundle includes five critically acclaimed series by Telltale Games: - The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season - The Walking Dead: Season Two - The Wolf Among Us - Tales from the Borderlands - Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series

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A Great Value

A great value for 5 Telltale Games with all episodes included. Couldn't ask for more. This Bundle will at least provide you with 52 hours of gameplay. Just remember its a point and click style of gameplay throughout with some interactive elements so this may not be for everyone. It's a different adventure throughout each one however i find The Walking Dead to be the best one but that's personal opinion, you're bound to find a favorite amongst these games. With all that being said I give it a 10/10. It's a must own for anyone who enjoys story and narrative.

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Brilliant Collection

10/10 It feels like watching a movie and reading a comic but you are actually playing <3

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Epic Deal

5 Telltale Games... Under $40?? Um Yeah, Batman The Telltale Series Was $25 By Itself, This Deal Is Absolutly Insane. Not To Mention The 5000+ Gamerscore Available Here. What Are You Doing? Stop Reading This Review And Buy This Legendary Deal Before The Price Goes Back To $110!

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Fantastic Bundle.

I personally never Watched the game of Thrones, But I Enjoyed it. The Walking dead first season was great but the second season was it as good. I didn't like the story behind the whole thing. But it is great for gamer score. I have played the first episode of the borderlands, And I am sure I will like the rest of it. I previously played the wolf among us. And I loved the story and the twists. all and all it is a great collection for the price Especially. when on sale. I have recommended this to multiple of my friends, and I will recommend it to the rest of you

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a great value

Awesome price for 5 games. For one game it self is worth up to$25, This is worth it to buy.RECOMMEND

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WOW !!!!!

what a deal. Christmas in April........great game i in joy all of them

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Buy the "Telltail Survival Bundle" compilation instead!

Seriously, I just bought this compilation, scrolled down about 5 rows to see another compilation with this compilation and three other games for like $16. This is not the first time I've done that, learn from my pain! You too MICROSOFT!

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I love all the TellTale games, great stories, good controls, and an awesome dev team. PS These games are great to play while on the treadmill.

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I was VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! mainly because of the fact that I'm a DIEHARD FAN OF THE WALKING DEAD & GAME OF THRONES plus the fact that I find the artwork to be pretty darnm awesome also “The Wolf Among Us”&“Tales From The Borderlands”weren't bad@ ALL!!!Naturally given that “The Wolf Among Us”came out after ”TWD Season 1”so I figured season2 would be better because maybe they were just getting started...BOY was I WRONG!!!It's like they just threw it 2gether in hurry,ALOT of the choices either don't make sense or dosen't matter,as 4 “Game of thrones”4 the most part my only complaint is TOO MUCH TAKING NOT ENOUGH DESISIONS 👎Overall I enjoy playing these games

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if you have not played any of these you need to reevaluate your gamer life

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