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The Tribez

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This game does not work on your device.
+Contains in-app purchases
May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.
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Tribez is not just a game! Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery of an unknown, but beautiful world! You are invited to visit a primitive world inhabited by a peace-loving people, who have been hidden behind a miles-deep portal from time immemorial. Build your own stone-age village, explore territories hidden by mountains and seas, and lead your tribe, who considers you sent by the gods, to prosperity. Tribez is a world in which you feel alive! Official Page on Facebook: REVIEWS: ‘The Tribez’ is the insanely popular empire-building game that’s revolutionizing the idea of social gaming.’ ( ‘There is tons of content, quests, and things to accomplish in the game.’ ( ‘What makes The Tribez genuinely pleasant to play is the attention paid to the graphics.’ (

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Version notes

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• Guests from the neighboring tribez have decided to visit your island, but something went wrong. Help Blado find the lost tourists. Don’t let them disappear completely! • Attention! A large sea creature has been spotted in the bay of the Ancestors’ Atoll. Experts suggest we make friends with it and give it some treats! • Marble Fjord update! The new territories and buildings you’ve been waiting for are here! • Solve the mysteries of the Cradle of the Winds and capture the rainbow wind! Build the Crystalline House and the Crystalline Swan! • News from the alchemist: Frozen Rainbows are available to chiefs level 21+! Use them to construct fun buildings such as the Rainbow House, Art Gallery, Flower Shop, and the Movie Theater! You can also send your tribezmen to play on the Rainbow Swing while you're at it! • More gems, gold, and valuable items! Find the Dino Treasure by taking part in competitions and get the Pterodactyl Treasure from the Chief’s Residence. • Sea adventures lie ahead! Build a Port and a Lighthouse, hire ships, and set out on a voyage to new shores. On 20+ islands, treasures of the ancient Athlanteans lie hidden! • Build a Mysterious Gate to get chests of valuable goods. Do you want to get more gold and experience? Build a Temple and an Athlantean Pegasus, order deals, and gain a great bonus! • Don’t miss out on a chance to explore the legendary Leviathan Island! As a reward for your courage, you'll get amazing trophies.


  • Simple, intuitive controls.
  • Cute and adorable characters you’ll love!
  • Beautiful vibrant world you'll get immersed into instantly.
  • Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life.
  • Tons of objects, characters, buildings and decorations.
  • Truly inexhaustible possibilities to develop your own stone-age empire.
  • Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure and artifacts, discover distant islands, explore mysterious caves and much, much more!

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86

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Game Insight

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I regret every penny I spent.

This is a very fun game. But the customer service department of the Game Insight people is so terrible. I have come to conclude that this company cares only for the money it makes and not one wit for its customers. God forbid, you ever have an issue that requires help from them. IF they answer their service tickets at all, you will likely get only canned responses that never actually address you the customer. There motto seems to be... ignore them long enough and the problems will go away. Don't be fooled by 5 star reviews. The game itself gives a quest to leave a five star review in order to get gems thus the 5 star reviews here might not be sincere since they were bribed. This is not a pay to play game, never the les I have bought stuff freely for Tribez because I enjoyed it. But I am at the point now where I refuse to give these jerks anything more. There are better games run by better companies out there. Don't buy into this game. You have been warned.

39 out of 41 people found this helpful.

Was great, now it no longer works

Reached point of going to Farmer's Bay. App downloaded new assets, unpacked them, went to 100% loading island, then app terminates before displaying any of island. Luckily app restarts on Ancients where I was before Farmer's was installed. Rebooted and app starts on Ancients but always terminates right after Farmer's load reaches 100% and before anything displayed. No graphic is displayed in island selection list for Farmer's. Also numerous new quest icons no longer showing while older ones do show. Surface Pro 2 w/ all updates applied. No indication of any update to app in store. Problem worse after 19Mar15 update. Same issues as before, but now crashes when trying to move between islands if I've taken any action on the current island. Game restarts okay after crash (nothing lost) and can them move to another island provided I don't do anything on current island.

164 out of 190 people found this helpful.


Not playing it until there is an UPDATE that fixes the 14 percent error... Mine loads to 14 percent and then bombs out...

119 out of 139 people found this helpful.

Great now that it is fixed!

Third Island is fixed! Mystery Shore and Farmer's Bay now work. The only complaints I have are the annoying micro transaction ads that pop up constantly and the extremely unhelpful customer service.

143 out of 172 people found this helpful.



16 out of 17 people found this helpful.

Worst customer service ever!!!

Game insight has the absolutely worst customer service ever. If you are not ok with losing all the stuff you accumulated at any given point of the game, then don't waste your time on their games, and definitely don't waste your money! Because each game WILL crash, it's just a matter of time. When your game crashes, they'll offer you no help or whatsoever but just ask you to spend more money and repurchase the stuff you lost because of their technical issues that led to all those inevitable crashes!

41 out of 49 people found this helpful.


It's faster than Dragon Mania in the beginning, and keeps you checking it. The notifications are really annoying, but the game's good for a rainy day.

55 out of 68 people found this helpful.

Brightly coloured cute game. It had unfortunately not saved the progress after leveling, but it's still early. Very much like Facebook games I have seen, could interest those who enjoy simple build and farm oriented games ^^ I've only played less than an hour - may change my rating - so, worth a test 😊 Edit: After playing a day now, watching the growth of the tribe and questing is very enjoyable - fair XP and gold - plus, an added bonus of sharing on Facebook or Twitter can earn you more rewards. 5 stars 😊

115 out of 147 people found this helpful.

love hate relationship

Please fix. Can't load game after windows 10 update. only loads to 14% then crashes!!! I can't start this whole game over again.

8 out of 8 people found this helpful.


The game crashes when I change from island to another fix that.... Everything in the game is good 👍

55 out of 69 people found this helpful.

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