Create apps on your phone, share them with other people! Create fun games and automate recurring tasks. You compose programs by tapping on the screen. Query the phone sensors, send web requests, and manage your data in the cloud. Update v3.3: - Bug fixes - in particular for back button WP 8.1 Update v3.2: - New interactive tutorials - Cloud data makes it easy to share data with other people and across your own devices Update v3.1: - Pin to start, enhanced tiles that can cycle through pictures - Bluetooth support - Radio support (only available on some phones) - Debugger, profiler, code coverage, unit tests, crash reporting Update v3.0: - Unified editing and execution environment with the TouchDevelop Web App on --- that means you can edit and run your scripts on other devices in a browser - Create awesome UIs with pages and boxes - Authenticate web services with OAuth v2.0 - Access to NFC via the tags singleton - Use built-in speech engine of Windows Phone - Export your scripts as apps and submit them to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store - Upload your own pictures and sounds to use them in your scripts Features added in previous updates: - Access to accelerometer, location, maps, translation services, web search, share on Facebook or Twitter, and more - Take screenshots, write comments, compete on leaderboards - Code synthesis: When you search for available commands, just say what you want to do, and TouchDevelop will try to write the script code for you - Fast game and physics engine - Get push notifications when someone does something related to your scripts - Define custom structured data types, objects, tables - Create and reuse code with libraries

Available on

mobile device

mobile device

System Requirements

OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM
OS Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture ARM

Additional info

Published by
Microsoft Corporation

Approximate download size
1.42 MB - 4.55 MB

Utilities & tools

This app can
Use the appointments in your calendar
Use your contacts
Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use your rear- or front-facing camera
Use your location
Use your media library
Use your microphone
Use your device network services
Use your phone
Send push notifications
Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
Access your browser
Use your maps
Use your music
Use the photos in your media library
Use the media items that are currently playing
Use devices that support Near Field Communication (NFC) services
Use your device’s speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) services
Bluetooth smart device

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
English (United States)

Publisher Info
Publisher Website
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Platform: Mobile

Extremely buggy, nice concept but language support is pretty minimal and most of the time it either wont display correctly or it will crash. C++ or Java would be awesome, also some C# tutorial would be cool.

2 out of 2 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Cool app, but keeps force closing. Please fix the problem.

One person found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Fun, but very confusing.

One person found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

Too zoomed in with broken UI elements on my Nokia Lumia 920.

6 out of 7 people found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

My code doesn't work anymore with the 3.0 update. In addition it feels like a web app. Please at least implement the motion API again!

4 out of 6 people found this helpful.



Luis F.

Platform: Mobile


It's an amazing app, but has a bug. Always get stuck on the "just a moment" screen




Platform: Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile build 10581 keeps crashing

Used to be fun and work on 8.x, but now keeps crashing on Windows 10 Mobile build 10581 saying "something went wrong and we reloaded the app"




Platform: Mobile

It used to be better. The updated version is not a real app but a website version for the phone. Buggy and unstable.




Platform: Mobile

Great app, but needs more improvements to earn 2 stars 1) less crashes especially when during tutorials 2) sync the app studio development to this so my game can be an app Please do what's listed as I love what been created but it needs these improvements to gain 2 more stars.




Platform: Mobile

After going through a tutorial, I found the experience very pleasing. Great programming app!

One person found this helpful.



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