Tower of Guns is a fast-paced, bullet-hell, first person shooter with randomized levels and enemies, power ups, epic bosses and tons of unlockable items and weapons. You never know what to expect next! It is a pure FPS experience for players who just want to shoot stuff, battle gigantic bosses, collect loot, and upgrade their abilities and weapons to insane levels! So grab a rocket launcher, slap a shotgun modifier on it, pick up a hundred stackable double jumps and go conquer the Tower of Guns! - Randomized levels make every playthrough unique. - Plenty of weapons, mods, abilities and perks. - Countless secrets to find. - Epic boss battles. - Global Leaderboards to see if you are the toughest player around.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Grip Digital sro

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1.15 GB

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Great but maybe not worth 15$

This game is a endless survival that is randomly generated every time you play. Even so, after a while of playing the game, you will start seeing repeated maps and structurs often. There is no tutorial, but the game is fairly self explanitory. It's very, very fun. Eventually, it will get boring, but I find myself coming back to it every so often and having a great time. There are powerups and guns. It really is a great load of fun and a challenge to try and beat your record. I got this game for $5 and I think it was definitely worth it. I believe the regular price is $15 dollars. Yes, the game is very fun, but I can see some people getting very bored of it very fast. If you are a kid who only gets money from Christmas or birthdays, I'd say save your money. If you are a person who doesn't see $15 as a lot of money, I think you'll have a lot of fun.

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Really good game with comic book art style and tons of cool gadets.

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Random generated shooter

Fun game. One achievement has you leaving the map and climbing thousands of feet. Lots of surprises.

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Fun Game!

A huge game with tons of replayability! Randomized enemies, bosses, and floors keep this game fresh, as well as the large gun and perk variety!

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Can you have online co-op in it please

i wish you co-op in i do want other people too play

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only entertaining for 30 min, broken mechanics, ugly art style

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i like a dlc pls

i like this game but only thing I wish for is a dlc

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