• Modern flow layout combines the best of information density and rich media
  • Flexible design adjusts to portrait, snap, and everything in-between
  • Smart streaming-based feed with robust connectivity and suspend/resume handling. No more manual refreshing!
  • Post new tweets with fast username auto-complete.
  • Photo upload support - including pasting image data and files directly into the tweet composer!
  • View lists you've created and subscribed to, and pin favorites to the navigation bar for easy access.
  • Search for users and tweets, and pin your favorite searches and hashtags
  • Rich embedding of several third-party media types
  • Powerful conversation and DM support with a rich, real-time updating conversation view.
  • Multi-window support - Open multiple full instances, or break out specific tabs.
  • Over a dozen color schemes, choose your favorite!
  • Automatic roaming of color scheme, pinned lists, and read states.
  • Live tile lets you know about new mentions and DMs, and can cycle from your timeline or a pinned list
  • Full integration with the Share charm for sharing to and from Tweetium
  • Quickly jump to your last seen tweet for your timeline, lists, or searches.
  • Multiple account support! (Requires additional Pro purchase)
  • TweetMarker support! (Require additional Pro purchase)

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4.1.5 (4.1.495) - Fixed a crash for some users when trying to purchase Pro in last update. 4.1.4 (4.1.494) - Linkify feedback-hub URLs. 4.1.3 (4.1.493) - Fix conversation loading again after a change Twitter made broke it again 4.1.2 (4.1.492) - Fix conversation loading after a change Twitter made broke it 4.1.1 (4.1.491) - Enable basic Cortana support on PC/Tablet, and improved functionality on Mobile - Also enabled Cortana for en-gb (in addition to en-us) - Improved handling of login errors (like incorrect password) on Mobile - Improved handling of Win10 app prelaunch functionality - Fixed a crash when invoking via Cortana "tweet" command on Win10 Mobile - Fixes for incorrect live tile displays on Win10 Mobile (especially for DMs w/ wide tile) - Fixed a crash when pressing ESC while the tweet composer was animating in - Fixed behavior of long-press on PC/tablet - Fixed a bug with YouTube links not opening correctly on mobile - Fixed a minor cosmetic issue with the conversation bubble arrow in photo themes - Reduced size of command bar overflow items on mobile, and tweaked come colors - Switched back to a dark splash screen background

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3 stars out of 5
· 7/12/2016
Decent app, non existent support

This app works pretty well for basic twitter access. I purchased the pro version so I can have access to tweetmarker. This should allow me to start reading tweets from where I left off using any app that supports tweetmarker. I use talon on my phone and tweetium on my pc. Tweetium has a bug when restoring my last read tweet from tweetmarker. it will not restore my last read tweet and just jump to the latest tweet. I have tried contacting support twice and waited over a month with NO response. I give up.. if you are experiencing any bugs or want to see new features good luck getting your voice heard..

4 stars out of 5
· 6/28/2016

No problems with it, whatsoever. And if a problem does arise just reach out to the developer & he or she usually takes care of it within a day or two. Just wish we can add a Location to individual tweets and send pictures via PM but, those features may be out of their control.

2 stars out of 5
· 5/8/2016

I love the look and customizable features of the page. However, time and again, I get into a situation where it won't give me more tweets. It will say "Fetching more tweets," but it doesn't. Also, I frequently get "Twitter rate usage" errors (or something like that), and I'm unable to do anything when that happens. None of this happens on the generic Twitter app, which is boring. As somebody else mentioned, it should be easier to switch between accounts. I don't want to see them side by side. I want to be able to click on one or the other. I have one for business, and one for personal use. It's a pain to have to log out of one account, then log back in with the other. There are so many great things about this app, but the issues with only a limited number of messages loading--plus the difficulty switching between accounts--are enough to make that giant vein stick out of my forehead. I'll keep checking back for updates, but till then, I'm looking for something else.

3 stars out of 5
· 6/11/2016
Needs Pols

This app is great but the lack of poll support and translations is making me consider not continuing subscribing to pro.

4 stars out of 5
· 5/5/2016
Update: Good up, but preview builds ruin it

Seems the preview builds for the OS don't play nice with some applications, this one included... However, this is a good app with good features and it offers a pleasant interface. Highly recommended 👍🏼

3 stars out of 5
· 3/31/2016
A good twitter client...with a catch

A good app when it comes to look and features, specially when compared to the featureless official client. I purchased the app since I found it worth the price, then I was surprised to figure that this was a trick to pull your leg into purchasing the app! It added nothing to the app of course, but now it asks you to purchase the real pro version of the app for even more price than what you already paid! What can you do now? You are halfway done and can't go back. Ok, I paid again to finally be able to have a client that can give me all the features I was using on Android. I was surprised again to discover that push notifications work with anything except what I want....notifications about tweets of a user I follow, which wasn't CLEAR in the description. I bought the app already and there's no turning back now, but I don't have my most needed feature in it, so basically I've uninstalled it, and I've paid for nothing! If you don't need this feature, then I think the app is ok for you.

5 stars out of 5
· 5/6/2016
Note from the developer

If you have a problem with the app, please contact the support e-mail! (Or use the UserVoice page, or at least reach out on Twitter! @TweetiumWindows) Thanks Brandon

1 stars out of 5
· 3/27/2016
Why I hate this app.

There seems to be no place to find a link to purchase the correct pro version and the buttons they do have don't allow you to do anything... This should be an easy straight-forward process... Fix this problem!

B-side Software responded on 4/11/2016

Hi Tim. I'm sorry you had a problem purchasing Pro. There aren't any known issues with this or other reports of problems, and lots of people purchase Pro every day. If the purchase button isn't doing anything, that would mean something is broken with the Windows Store on your machine, as the button just invokes the Store purchase flow. Please reply in e-mail with details about what you're seeing and I will do my best to help troubleshoot the problem.

5 stars out of 5
· 3/25/2016
I love it!

Good and easy to use with wonderful UI. It is a worth buy.

1 stars out of 5
· 3/5/2016

I hate leaving a less than positive review, but felt compelled, because I stupidly (due to the mostly positive reviews) purchased both the app and the pro version. I have multiple Twitter accounts and was hoping to find an easier way to use them. I expected to be able to view (at the least) two accounts side by side, but instead I have to switch back and forth between each account to see the timelines. Also, there is no easy way to see how many favorites/retweets each tweet has received. I tried to take into account that I was new to the app, so I tried to find a tutorial, on their website, for a little direction/help to customize Tweetium, but was unable. Bottom line, I just spent $8.32 (with tax) for an awkward (that was the first word that came to mind) app that I will not be using.

B-side Software responded on 3/25/2016

Hi Kelli. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying the app. You can see the number of likes and RTs for any tweet by clicking or tapping on it. You can also open multiple windows to have different accounts side-by-side, and you can switch the compose/reply box to post from another account without switching. I try to provide as much help as I can via @TweetiumWindows or via e-mail. The website also has a "Tips & Tricks" section (tweetiumapp.com/tips). If I ever get time I may try to add more there. In general I strive to make the app very intuitive so that for most uses this is not necessary. If you could e-mail me with more details about what you found to be confusing or any problems you ran into, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Brandon

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