The civil war is barely over in Borgovia and Van Helsing has a new problem to solve. When a strange ethereal gate opens in his secret underground maze, he must enter the realms beyond the veil of the world to find out what is happening and hunt down those who are responsible for this new threat... The Ink Hunt DLC contains four unique maps with a strong central storyline. Important note: You need to complete the Van Helsing II campaign with a Veteran character in order to be able to play this DLC.

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Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

You don't get what you pay for........

30 mins to 1hr of gameplay on Fearless. No unique loot, well none that i have not got before, and no new achievements. After completing the game and grinding my butt off to get my godlike items, this just leaves me wanting more. Nothing more than a blatant cash grab that should of been included in the base game anyways. Not really worth the 4 bucks.

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