A Feedly Client and a local/standalone RSS reader. (You can use it for more than one feedly, local or both types of account.) SERVICES I CAN USE ? Feedly, Local (no account needed) CAN I USE THE APP WITH MULTIPLE FEEDLY OR LOCAL ACCOUNTS OR BOTH? Yes. CAN I MANAGE FEEDLY (and Local) SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM WITHIN APP ? Yes. CAN I SEARCH MY LIST? Yes. DOES APP TELLS ME POPULAR ITEMS IN MY LIST? Yes. CAN I SAVE OR SHARE IMAGES? Yes. SHARING SERVICES I CAN USE? Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, Windows Sharing.

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Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

-----Release Details---------- v2.0 (12 May,2014) a. Now supports feedly too. b. You can have multiple accounts for feedly, local accounts. c. Re-order labels as per your need. d. Clutter removed from Labels. e. List now has thumbnail. f. 2 Pane, 3 Pane layout. g. Right click image to save or share. h. Search UI changed. i. Supports all orientations and resolutions. j. Resume from where you left. k. New them added, "Modern Theme" . l. Now you can know popular items in your list. m. Popular items in your list are highlighted. n. Sharing services re-written. o. Background syncing fixed. p. You can get alerts for keywords you choose.


  • You can have more than one feedly, local or both types of account.
  • Get alerts for keywords you choose.
  • Manage subscriptions, Import and Export OPML files.
  • Get popular items from your list, also APP will highlight most relevant content in your list.
  • Right click image to save or share.
  • Start typing anywhere to search, or use settings charm.
  • Choose 3 Pane or 2 Pane layout.
  • Themes: Light, Modern, Dark.
  • Supports all resolutions and orientations.
  • Share to: Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, windows sharing.
  • Always start from where you left. When you switch account or close app your state is saved.
  • See list with thumbnails.

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

Additional info

Published by
Veen Apps
Copyright © 2014,

Approximate download size
1.28 MB - 7.77 MB

News & weather

Access your Internet connection
Use your pictures library

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported
English (United States)

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Publisher Website
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Additional terms
Veen Feed Reader privacy policy
Veen Feed Reader license terms
1. You can't reverse engineer this software. 2. You cannot use codes from this software in to your projects.

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Platform: PC

Elegant and does what I wanted.

I had simple needs for RSS, I just wanted to import my 40-50 feeds from an IE11 OPML file. This app let me do that and tag and set it up as I see fit. I like the sepia view and the tri pane navigation paradigm. Will buy the full version unless another reader hops up to take my attention instead.




Platform: PC

Great offline reader

No Google Reader required! Just add an option to default to article view and 5 stars.




Platform: PC

Trial period is far too short!

2 days! Really, I didn't even have time to try this app out before the trial expired. And you can't reinstall as it still somehow knows you've had it installed before and says trial expired. Time limited trials are the WORST. Disable features sure, but don't make the trial expire after a couple of days.




Platform: PC

Good app, missing a few things

Nice layout for a reader, I use it a lot. Wish there were some more options- some of the feeds I add namely Wired and BoingBoing only display in article view, meaning that to scroll through it I need to hit article every time to get content to display- add an option to always display in article view. I can't seem to get mouse scroll to work either, not sure what is up with that.




Platform: PC

------Development Team here-----

OPML import feature has been added. - Trial Period has been increased - for feature request or any other issue email at




Platform: PC

Very nice start!

Still missing important features like opml import but it's a really fast rss reader. Update please!



Roman David

Platform: PC

Good if you want to read. Bad if you want to share

This is a best rss aggregator & it's not dependent on google reader. Can I give the developer a tip if their reading this? Dump the feed reader part of the name. Just call it Veen.




Platform: PC

Good Rss reader!

While their Twitter app does not compare to other apps like Rowi, this RSS app works great!



Developer comment · responded on